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Celebrate the 125th Anniversary of Pomona College

The Interactive Pomona Timeline

Pomona Timeline

Visit our extensive multimedia timeline to experience -- and share your memories of -- the history of Pomona College. Each week for the next 25 weeks, we'll be releasing a new year of history, up through the current year.

Click to view the first 100 years!

The 125-Days Blog

The 125-Day Blog

A Social Media Time Capsule

The 125 Days blog will be a social media time capsule of the lives of Pomona College students during the Fall 2012 semester.


On October 14, 1887, the articles of incorporation of what was first referred to as “a college of the New England type,” to be founded by local leaders of the Congregational Church, were approved in Sacramento -- and the institution known as Pomona College became official.

Pomona College is celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2012-13, both online and offline. We will have campus celebrations throughout the year, with the main event occurring on Founders Day, October 14, 2012. We have launched a new interactive timeline that extensively traces Pomona's history through photos, events, news, videos and glimpses of student life as it occurred since 1887. To celebrate today's students and the future of Pomona College, visit our new blog at for a vibrant student-written social media time capsule of life on campus as it happens today.