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Spring 2003
Volume 39, No. 3
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PCMOnline Editor
Sarah Dolinar

For changes of address,
class notes or notice
of births or deaths,
phone: (909) 621-8635
fax: (909) 621-8535
Alumni Records




How to Contact
Alumni Relations

(909) 621-8110
The Seaver House
305 N. College Ave.
Claremont, California 91711


Connecting to Alumni in the Job Market
In addition to assisting students, Pomona’s Career Development Office (CDO) also offers a variety of services for alumni—among them, the online Alumni-to-Alumni Job Connection, an innovative addition on the CDO Web. The Alumni-to-Alumni Job Connection is a job-posting site that connects job-seeking Sagehens with alumni who are hiring new employees for their organizations. With so many job-search sites on the Web, the CDO hopes to help alumni narrow their online search for jobs and employees by focusing on fellow Pomona graduates. Networking is critical to today’s job search, says Carl Martellino, director of the CDO, “and Pomona graduates know the quality of other alumni and should be excited to add fellow Sagehens to their place of employment.” To see the other services the CDO offers alumni, visit the CDO’s online alumni services by clicking “Alumni Career Services” on the Alumni Webpage at www.pomona.edu/alumni.

A Preview of “Exhibition Space”
Throughout the year Pomona alumni show their artwork in exhibitions around the country. A new feature that we hope to provide at intervals in the Alumni Voices section of future issues will offer a schedule of exhibitions around the country by alumni artists. As a preview, we offer these samples of alumni artists whose work will be on display this summer:

Bret Price ’72
High Hopes
(Sculpture Exhibition)
May 8–October 19, 2003
Navy Pier Walk 2003
Chicago, Illinois
(312) 595-5019

Regina Rubin ’84
Process Oriented: Four Views
August 1–31, 2003
Kaleidescope Gallery
at PDR Construction
Seattle, Washington
(206) 292-4800

James Turrell ’65
James Turrell: Knowing Light
March 22–October 5, 2003
Henry Art Gallery at the
University of Washington
(Stroum Galleries)
Seattle, Washington
(206) 543-2280

If you have a show coming up next year, please send information and an image of a work to be exhibited to: Pomona College Magazine, c/o Alumni Voices, 550 N. College Ave., Claremont, CA 91711, or sarah.dolinar@pomona.edu. Submissions will be edited for space availability, and a list may not run in every issue.

Parlor Talk Question for Next Issue
What books did you read while you were a student at Pomona that have stayed with you over the years? What made those books so important to you? Share those titles and/or authors with other Sagehens, and tell us why they made an impression on you.

Send submissions by June 15, 2003, to Pomona College Public Affairs, ATTN: Parlor Talk, 550 N. College Ave., Claremont, CA 91711; or by e-mail to sarah.dolinar@pomona.edu. Please include your name, class year and phone number. Responses will be selected based on content and will be edited as necessary for publication.