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Spring 2003
Volume 39, No. 3
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Jordan Snedcof '99

As an undergraduate at Pomona, Jordan Snedcof ’99 was involved with student government and the residence hall sponsor program, and he occasionally wrote articles for The Student Life. Today, while he’s busy pursuing a masters degree in Public Policy from UCLA, he still manages to stay involved with Pomona by planning alumni events for the Pomona College Southern California Young Alumni Community (PCSCYAC).

“I developed close relationships with students, faculty and staff while I was at Pomona.” Now, he says that volunteering permits him to experience them from outside of the College. As the chair of the PCSCYAC planning committee, he has been coordinating the young alumni events for three years.

When it comes to working with other Sagehens and cultivating an active young alumni group, Snedcof says persistence and a little humor can help. In the past three years, the PCSCYAC planning committee has relied on an e-mail listserv to get the word to young alumni about upcoming events (PCSCYAC@lists.pomona.edu). Snedcof says that about half of the L.A. young alumni events are advertised exclusively on the listserv, while the other half are announced both by e-mail and “snail mail.”

In order to keep the messages to young alumni interesting, he began including a “P.S.” with each event announcement. Unsolicited and always humorous, the postscripts range in topic and most often are commentaries on popular culture, actors and actresses, movies and television shows like “The Gilmore Girls,” “Dawson’s Creek” and “Alias.” Snedcof says his postscripts are “just a fun thing to add some humor.”

As he’s found out, they certainly make an impact. “Once I stopped including the P.S. for a while,” he says, “and someone actually wrote me to ask why I stopped!”

—Jessica Drenk '02