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Spring 2003
Volume 39, No. 3
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  Sweden and Visions of Norway
Politics and Culture 1814-1905

H. Arnold Barton ’53 investigates Norwegian political and cultural influences in Sweden during the period of the Swedish-Norwegian dynastic union from 1814 to 1905.

Southern Illinois University Press, 2002 • 224 pages • $45.00

  Foundations of Object-Oriented Languages: Types and Semantics

Kim Bruce ’70 explores object-oriented languages to help the reader understand the fundamental concepts of these languages and the design decisions behind them.

MIT Press, 2002 • 404 pages • $45.00

  Empire of Care
Nursing and Migration in Filipino American History

According to Catherine Ceniza Choy ’91, the origins of Filipino nurse migrations to the United States resulted from a Americanized training in 20th-century colonial Philippines.

Duke University Press, 2003 • 264 pages • $19.95

  Divine Utterances
The Performance of Afro-Cuban Santería

Associate Professor of Music Katherine Hagedorn explores the cultural and spiritual power of Afro-Cuban Santería as an expression of national pride. A CD with 20 songs is included.

Smithsonian Institute Press, 2001 • 320 pages • $24.95

  Joshua Tree National Park Geology

Professor Richard Hazlett of the Geology Department, and D.D. “Dee” Trent of Citrus College examine the geology and evolution of the Joshua Tree National Park landscape in a book meant for visitors, climbers and students.

Joshua Tree National Park Association, 2002 • 64 pages • $9.95

  The Wild Awake
A Reading from the Erotic Compass of the World

In her first book, poet Paulann Petersen ’64 relies on imagery of plant and animal life to illustrate the recurring themes of eros, courtship, romance and friendship.

Confluence Press, Inc., 2002 • 81 pages • $20.00, $10.00

  Something for Nothing

Ann Redisch Stampler ’73 preserves a bit of her own personal history in this children’s book about how Dog outwits the rascally cats. The story is derived from a Yiddish folk tale told to Redisch Stampler by her Polish grandmother.

Clarion Books, 2003 • 32 pages • $15.00


Miles Wilson ’66 makes his debut with poetry that takes a realistic look at a life lived in the American West. Poems revolve around themes of family, the natural world and the broader world of human interactions.

University of Nevada Press, 2003 • 104 pages • $13.00