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Spring 2003
Volume 39, No. 3
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Table of Contents
Spring 2003 • Volume 39, No. 3

Only Online
Georgia to Maine:
An Appalachian Trek

Last year two Pomona students set out to test their outdoors acument, their knowledge of backpacking equipment and their knowledge of themselves...
May Peace Prevail:
Alumni in the Peace Corps

Pomona teaches students how to explore the possibilities. The Peace Corps teaches them how to serve. Pairing them taught a few Pomona alumni how to be better global citizens...

A Few Parting Words
On the eve of retirement, President Peter W. Stanley looks back at the triumphs and tribulations of a 12-year tenure.

The Elements of a President
Pomona’s new president-designate, David Oxtoby, is a man of many elements—109 of them, to be exact.

Street Kids
Rebecca Hummel '03 looks back with mixed feelings on her experiences with the street kids of Cape Town.

Balancing Act
Lawyer-activist Kate Martin '73 leads the struggle to balance national security with civil liberties.


Pomona Forum & Letters
• Pomona Today: On the Rhodes Again
• Pomona Today: Cast Iron Chef
• Over the Years: A Bully Centennial
• Viewpoint: Midnight Express to Georgia
• Faculty News: New Faces
• Sports Report: The Litany
• Bookshelf: The Rural Life
• Bookshelf: America Goes to College
• Bookshelf: Last of the Old-Time Outlaws

Alumni Voices
Bulletin Board
• Community Spotlight: PCSCYAC
• Volunteer Profile: Jordan Snedcof '99
• Alumni Profile: Matthew Harrison '01
• Expert Advice: Identity Theft
• Family Tree: The McFadden Family
• Alumni Puzzler: Wontons? Not Now
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