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Spotlight / Emi Meyer '09
How to Launch a Music Career

Story by Mark Kendall / Photo by John Lucas

1. Move from Kyoto to Seattle at the age of 1. Speak English with your dad and Japanese with your mom. Grow up listening to the Beatles, Stevie Wonder and your mom’s Japanese lullabies.

2. Start classical piano at the age of 6. Have parents who nurture your interest, buying an old standup. Meet a wise teacher who encourages you to pursue your own style.

3. Get into jazz, finally heeding the advice of a trumpet-playing family friend. Begin to dig Miles Davis and Thelonius Monk. Join middle-school jazz combo.

4. Hang out at the bakery and become friends with hippie guy named Christian who encourages you to sing. Resist for a time, then start writing your own songs.

5. Enroll at Pomona, interested in international relations, English, anthro—and sunshine. Test out a song on close-friend Melissa Hanna ’09. Be shy and say “a friend” wrote it. Have her quickly recognize you did because the lyrics are so personal. Self-produce your first CD, Curious Creature.

6. Decide on ethnomusicology for a major. Study abroad in Japan for an entire year. Feel terrified at your first attempts to sing in Japanese. Meet poetic Japanese rapper. Go on tour with him as an opening act.

7. Return to campus for senior year. Land more gigs in L.A. and Japan. Draw press attention for “lyrics that exude unique insight on relationships and life.” (The Rafu Shimpo). Prepare to release separate CDs in English and Japanese. Set your sights on New York, or wherever sparks your inspiration.

Visit www.myspace.com/emimeyer to hear Emi Meyer’s music and to see a list of upcoming venues.

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