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Bookmarks / Alumni and Faculty Authors

Your Healthcare is in the Toilet
And They’re Ready to Flush It
Stephen Borowsky, M.D., ’62, who practiced medicine for 24 years, analyzes the healthcare system, its history and flaws, as well as the roles of politicians and the businessmen who run healthcare.
Xlibris Corporation • 112 pages • $19.99

The Blossoms Are The Ghosts at the Wedding
Selected Poems & Essays
Essayist, poet and sculptor Tom Jay ’65 writes on topics from etymology to ecology, “the spooky verge between language and nature, water dowsing to the creation of art.”
Empty Bowl Press • 165 pages • $15

All the Art That’s Fit to Print (And Some That Wasn’t)
Inside The New York Times Op-Ed Page
Jerelle Kraus ’65, The New York Times’ op-ed art director for 13 years, provides insider anecdotes, focusing on the “rule-dissolving decades when op-ed came into its own.”
Columbia University Press • 280 pages • $34.95

Rural Resistance in the Land of Zapata
The Jaramillista Movement and the Myth of Pax Priísta, 1940-1962
Using campesino testimony and state surveillance reports, Tanalís Padilla ’95 details this agrarian mobilization in Morales, Mexico, including the the expansion of Zapata’s legacy.
Duke University Press • 286 pages • $22.95

The 50 Greatest World Record Catches
International Game Fish Association historian Mike Rivkin ’78 presents the stories behind the 50 most incredible fish catches around the world, illustrated with gorgeous art by fly-fisherman Flick Ford.
The Greenwich Workshop Press • 216 pages • $50

Murder Afoot: A Paris Mystery
In Professor Emeritus Virginia Crosby’s second novel, Ondine Jellicoe, a retired professor living in Paris, is drawn into another investigation, this time at the gathering of an estranged American family dominated by a rich, tyrannical artist.
PublishAmerica, 2008 • 359 pages • $29.95

The American West at Risk
Science, Myths, and Politics of Land Abuse and Recovery
Geology Professor Richard Hazlett coedits this work about the environmental challenges in the Western U.S. and strategies to “salvage what is left.” An Amazon.com “Best Book of 2008.”
Oxford University Press • 620 pages • $35

Passionate Uprisings: Iran’s Sexual Revolution
Anthropology Professor Pardis Mahdavi examines the daily lives of young, urban Iranians who are using partying and sex as a form of political rebellion to undermine the government, in a country where dancing and drinking can mean arrest and punishment.
Stanford University Press • 336 pages • $27.95

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