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Fall 2002
Volume 39, No. 1
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PCMOnline Editor: Sarah Dolinar


The 2002–03 Alumni Board

At the annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner in June, the Alumni Association Board welcomed its new leadership and members for 2002–03. They are: (left to right, back row): Juan Matute ’63, president-elect; Gina Rubin ’84, member-at-large; Liz Chien ’95, Communications Committee chair; Sesyle Moorhead ’99, secretary (and assistant director of alumni relations); Kerry Martin, career development representative (and associate director of career development); Penny Hunt ’83, leadership development representative; LeAndra MacDonald ’93, alumni support coordinator; Michelle Cooke ’90, regional support coordinator; and Nancy Treser-Osgood ’80, treasurer (and director of alumni relations); (front row) H.L. Todd ’73, member-at-large; Josh Schnoll ’93, Career Development Partnership committee chair; Andy Agle ’91, president; Taziwa Chanaiwa ’95, student support coordinator; Geoff Willis ’83, Alumni Fund Committee chair; and Craig Arteaga-Johnson ’96, assistant director of annual giving. Not pictured are: Rosemary Choate ’63, college support coordinator; Phil Kopczynski ’03, ASPC representative; Frank Albinder ’80, member-at-large; Don Pattison, member-at-large (and director of foundation and corporate relations); and Sarah Dolinar, public affairs representative (and assistant director of public affairs for publications and the Web).

Inspiring Alumnae

Two Pomona alumnae were honored in May for their inspirational service to the College.

Pat Sullivan ’55, received the 2002 Alumni Distinguished Service Award in honor of more than 20 years of volunteer service. Rarely missing a Pomonathon or Alumni Weekend, she has also participated in regional events and hosted students at her home for sponsor group dinners.

For outstanding contributions to her community, Lorig Charkoudian ’95 was named Inspirational Young Alumna for ’02. Working to empower members of her Baltimore community, she founded the Community Mediation Program, and now chairs the Maryland Association for Community Mediation Centers.

Next Parlor Talk...

Over the years, Pomona has been the launching pad for many lasting relationships. For those who met their alumni spouse or partner here—or, paired up with another alum later on—tell us how you met your Sagehen Partner. Submissions by Oct. 4 to: Sarah Dolinar; Pomona College; 550 N. College Ave.; Claremont, CA 91711. Responses selected for publication may be edited for length and style.

Latino/Latina Listserv

The Alumni Office has established an e-mail listserv for Latino/Latina alumni, to help them network and communicate with each other, as part of an ongoing dialogue between the College and its Latino/Latina alumni. To subscribe to the listserv, please send your request, along with your name, class year, and preferred e-mail address, to alumni@pomona.edu.