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Fall 2002
Volume 39, No. 1
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PCMOnline Editor: Sarah Dolinar


Bookmarks: Recent Publications

After Effects 5.5 Magic
Mark Christiansen ’90 and and 12 co-authors provide a specialized but practical guide for the computer graphics professional interested in getting the most out of this sophisticated software package.
New Riders Publishing, 2002 • 315 pages plus CD • $45.00
This Organic Life: Confessions of a Suburban Homesteader
Joan Dye Gussow ’50 offers a book on the art of raising your own food and living sustainably that is, as one critic put it, “one part memoir, one part manual, one part manifesto.”
Chelsea Green Publishing Company, 2001 • 273 pages • $22.95
Myasthenia Gravis: An Illustrated History
Neurologist John C. Keesey ’57 offers a diligent analysis of MG history. All proceeds go to the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America, which is distributing the book.
MG Foundation of Calif., 2002 • 120 pages • $49.95
Blue Nile: Ethiopia’s River of Magic and Mystery
Virginia Morell ’71 takes readers on a National Geographic adventure: an attempt to travel the Blue Nile’s length by raft in a single, unbroken journey—from Ethiopia to the Sudan.
Adventure Press/National Geographic, 2001 • 328 pages • $26.00
Dreams of the Compass Rose
In this fantasy novel, Vera Nazarian ’88 explores the nature of evil in a cycle of related and lyrical tales—ranging from the grim to the comic to the mythic—most of which take place in the desert land of the Compass Rose.
Wildside Press, 2002 • 348 pages • $39.95
TriEnergetics: Look Better Feel Younger Now
Father and son physicians Todd Severin ’85 and Sanford Severin offer a blend of modern medicine, nutrition, exercise and Eastern philosophy in this holistic approach to health.
Optima Press, 2002 • 254 pages • $15.95
Rekindling the Movement: Labor’s Quest for Relevance in the 21st Century
Lowell Turner ’69, Harry C. Katz and Richard W. Hurd address the problems, prospects and alternatives facing labor unions as they enter a new, transnational, multicultural era.
Cornell University Press, 2001 • 402 pages • $19.95
Der Briefwechsel mit Paula 1896–1937
Edited, annotated and with an essay (in German) by emeritus Professor Richard Sheirich, this collection of letters between Viennese dramatist Richard Beer-Hofmann and his muse is rich in details about Max Reinhardt’s theatres in Vienna and Berlin.
Igel Verlag, 2002 • 511 pages, 17 illustrations • 34.00 Euro