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Fall 2002
Volume 39, No. 1
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PCMOnline Editor: Sarah Dolinar


Reprinted from the July 1964 issue of Pomona Today.

Pomona Gets New Giant Computer

Pomona College will be among the first in the nation to use the new IBM System 360 Model D-40 computer as the result of the continuing generosity of the Seaver Institute. The new computer, formally unveiled by IBM on April 7 of this year as "the most important product in the company's history," will be used as a teaching instrument as well as for processing data required by the great variety of research problems under investigation at the college.

The $268,465 computer system is part of a $650,000 gift from the Institute which will be used to equip the college's new chemisty building, now under construction and slated to open to students in the fall. Seaver, a 1905 graduate of Pomona and a member of the Board of Trustees since 1947, has now given in excess of $6,500,000 to the college. The bulk of these funds have been used to construct the Seaver Science Center which, in the opinion of R. Nelson Smith, chairman of the Chemistry department, will give Pomona the "finest undergraduate liberal arts science center in the world."