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Fall 2002
Volume 39, No. 1
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Sarah Dolinar

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Table of Contents
Fall 2002 • Volume 39, No. 1

Pomona Wired
Wiring the Liberal Arts
Computers and the Internet have forever changed how it feels to be a student, even in a liberal arts college.

The Dark Side of the Web
Viruses, bandwidth hogs and cyberharassment are just a few of the thorny issues raised by the Web.

Reading Between the Lines
Professor Nick Schisler and his students are learning how to read between the lines in the Book of Life.

High Wire Act
A few hardy entrepreneurs survived the dot-com bust, among them Glenn Thomas ’92.

A Thousand Pictures
If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much more valuable is what Al Treibitz ’74 offers?


Pomona Forum & Letters
• Coming Attractions: Fall Campus Events
• Milestones: Fifty Years and Counting
• Pomona Today: Unpompous Circumstance
• Pomona Today: Three New Trustees
• Pomona Today: Eden in Bright Sunlight
• Pomona Today: Wig Awards 2002
• Exact Words: Getting Closer
• Over the Years: Pomona’s Digital Dawn
• New Knowledge: Written Out of History
• Bookshelf: Desire and Disappointment
• Bookshelf: The Colors of Childhood
• Bookshelf: Inside the Music
• Campaign Update: Capping the Campaign

Alumni Voices
Bulletin Board
• Community Spotlight: The Bay Area
• Volunteer Profile: Michelle Cooke '90
• Alumni Profile: Pulitzer Times Two
• Alumni News: Jennifer Doudna '85
• Alumni News: Reaching Out
• Family Tree: The Freeman/Rodi Family
• Alumni Puzzler: Alumni Double Acrostic
Travel Study Programs

Only Online
• Photo Tour: Technology Behind PCM
• Archives: Pomona Today, July 1964
• Archives: Pomona Today, April 1969

PCMOnline Editor's Note

The job of putting each issue of Pomona College Magazine online is a tough one. Often during the process, passersby might conjecture about how all the latest technology must make the job so efficient. And, yes, while technology plays a large part in creating the SHTML and javascript for the online version of an award-winning magazine, it takes more than a computer to put the pages on the Web—it takes old-fashioned ingenuity and elbow grease.

But it's not just the online version of PCM that uses such sophisticated technology to come to life. The printed issue that comes to you in your mailbox relies on technology as well. In the "Only Online" department of PCMOnline, you'll find a photo tour of the people, technology and machinery that produce each issue of Pomona College Magazine.

In addition, "Only Online" includes a few tidbits about computers and technology from the Pomona Today archives. In 1964, Pomona College got its first computer. And in 1969, Pomona Today was already imagining how college students and education were being effected by computers. These articles were chosen as complements to the contemporary look at "Wiring the Liberal Arts". Enjoy!

--Sarah Dolinar
PCMOnline Editor