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 Mighty Ducks
Root for your home team as they take on one of L.A.’s finest.

Sports fans have no excuse to fall behind on the action. Never mind the area’s glaring lack of a pro football team. L.A. has no less than three pro basketball teams (Clippers, Lakers and the WNBA’s Sparks), two baseball teams (Angels and Dodgers), two hockey teams (Kings and Mighty Ducks) and pro soccer’s Galaxy.

To give this activity a trial run, we sent a group of Pomona students who call New York home to watch their beloved Yankees play in a rare, interdivisional series against the Dodgers. What we discovered is that it takes some grit to root for the visitors in a place like Dodger Stadium, especially when you’re lumped with the infamously rowdy Yankees fans on unsympathetic turf.

“I kept quiet most of the game not only because the Yanks were not giving anything about which to cheer but also because dumb, drunk Yankee fans were getting into fights all around the stadium,” says Sean Higdon ’06. “This one woman had 20 Dodger fans pelting her with peanuts, and she kept egging them on despite having a beer in each hand.”

But Higdon still managed to have a good time. “Getting to see the Yankees play anytime is unbelievable, especially in Dodger Stadium,” he says. “I would not hesitate to do it again, though hopefully next time the Yankees will be on the winning end.”
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