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 Huntington Library & Gardens
Stop and smell the flowers at the Huntington.

Founded by railroad tycoon Henry Edwards Huntington in 1919, the grounds of the Huntington Library and Gardens in posh San Marino are home to 150 acres of amazing gardens, four fine art galleries and a library of rare books and manuscripts.

You can admire a real Gutenberg Bible, stroll through a Japanese garden, gaze at Gainsborough’s painting The Blue Boy and even have a traditional English tea, all in one visit.

Alex Jakle ’06 served on the student committee that came up with the list of 47 things, and his top pick was the Huntington. He marvels at the library’s folio of a Shakespeare book printed in 1623. “It’s just jaw-dropping,” says Jakle. “I said, ‘This has to be on the list or I quit.’”
Full List of 47 Things
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