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 Whale watching
Watch a gray whale breach.
Gray whales can weigh 40 tons and stretch to more than 45 feet long, so you’d think they’d be easy to spot. But there are no guarantees, even on those popular whale-watching boats that take tourists out to meet the whales off Dana Point, with airplanes and helicopters to guide them to the right spots. Students from the Biology Department, who make an annual trek, went whaleless for several seasons until the March 2004 excursion. Dan Holtzman ’06 was on that trip and recalls that the group quickly encountered hundreds of dolphins, jumping and swimming alongside.

 After the boat turned back following a fruitless search, three whales came into sight. The whales were breaching—that’s when they leap out of the water and come down with a big splash. “I’m just incredibly glad I went,” says Holtzman.
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