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San Diego Zoo
Wake with the sun bears at the San Diego Zoo.

Visitors to the San Diego Zoo, one of the most complete zoos in the world, can catch a glimpse of some 4,000 animals—most of them rare or endangered—from cute and cuddly baby orangutans and Bornean sun bears to majestic tigers and bald eagles to unusual Tasmanian devils and bonobos. The zoo grounds make up a lush botanical garden, with more than 6,500 plant species, some of which are harvested to feed the zoo’s inhabitants. But why limit yourself to seeing the zoo on the usual self-guided tour, bus or aerial tramway when you can also do so from the comforts of a sleeping bag. The San Diego Zoo was one of the first in the country to offer sleepovers for guests who want to enjoy an overnight, outdoor camping experience. Campers get to tour the park at night, often catching excellent views of the nocturnal inhabitants, and snooze next to enclosures for giraffes, rhinoceroses and antelopes. If you don’t have the time or the budget for a zoo sleepover, you can always simulate the experience by visiting the zoo Website (www.sandiegozoo.org), which transmits live video of the zoo’s tigers, apes, pandas and polar bears.
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