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Window-shop along Rodeo Drive.

With stores such as Tiffany & Co. and Louis Vuitton, Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills may be beyond the means of most college students on a budget. But as a cultural icon, it’s a must-see.

“When I think of Rodeo Drive, I always remember that scene in Pretty Woman,” says Sarah Sperry ’05, referring to the moment when Julia Roberts’ character, dressed in less than the finest, gets turned away from a high-end store. For most of us, the best bet on Rodeo is window-shopping and people-watching.

Equally noteworthy for its L.A. glitz is the Sunset Strip. This street attracts a younger crowd than Rodeo—and has more nightlife. But be warned, some of the clubs on this street are so elite that you may not even be able to peek inside. Likewise, Melrose Avenue is a hopping place to take a stroll, with its abundance of flashy boutiques and restaurant-bars. If you’re looking for the best shredded-cotton skirt money can buy, this might be your place.

To escape the ritzy Westside, head east to the smaller, funky Silver Lake district. Vintage clothing (Ozzy Dots, Pull My Daisy, Squaresville) and independent music stores (Rockaway Records) are some of the staples of the neighborhood, aside from the numerous coffee shops and eclectic dining options. Most of the good spots are on Sunset Boulevard or Vermont Avenue, and those two streets intersect—which is convenient for walking this district. For a really bizarre time, check out La Luz de Jesus low-brow art gallery and its sister gift shop, Wacko.
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