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Broomball is basically hockey without the skates or the puck, allowing beginners to get out on the ice and try to smack a ball into the net. “All you do is rent the ice one night and pretty much invite all the people you know,” says Joey Cappola ’05. But you’ve still got to learn how to move. Without skates, sudden stops or turns while you’re running on the ice can lead to a slippery wipeout. “It’s real easy to take a tumble,” says Cappola. The game’s name comes from the early days, when players used brooms. Nowadays they have specially-designed sticks. Broomball is played in competitive leagues in colder parts of the country. But in Southern California, the game largely serves as a way for college students to let off some steam—and a way for rinks to make some extra money by renting out the ice late at night. .
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