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Books & Music by Pomona People

The Fastest Hike
Quest for the Pacific Crest Trail Record
Raymond Greenlaw ’83 recounts his true-life adventure from Mexico to Canada as he attempts to hike the 2,659-mile trail in record time, sharing survival strategies along the way.
Roxy Publishing, LLC 2004 • 352 pages • $19.95

The Enchanted Valley of Yosemite
What was Yosemite like before it was overrun with crowds? Albert Leo ’48 weaves historical events into this fictional tale of a couple exploring the valley in the early 1800s.
Dragonflyer Press 2005 • 244 pages • $24.95

The Woman with a Worm in Her Head
& Other True Stories of Infectious Disease
Physician Pamela Nagami ’72 uses real cases to reveal some of the world’s most horrific diseases: warning signs, treatments and what it feels like to make life-and-death decisions.
St. Martin’s Griffin 2002 • 288 pages • $13.95

The Book of Equanimity
Illuminating Classic Zen Koans
Gerry Shishin Wick ’62 provides a comprehensive commentary on one of the most beloved collections of classic Zen teaching stories for spiritual seekers and Zen students.
Wisdom Publications 2005 • 331 pages • $19.95

African Americans in the U.S. Economy

Co-edited by Economics Professor Cecelia Conrad, the book provides a political-economic analysis of the past and present economic status of African Americans, exploring the complex interplay between race and economics.
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. 2005 • 402 pages • $29.95

The Deeds of Count Roger of Calabria and Sicily and of His Brother Duke Robert Guiscard
History Professor Kenneth Baxter Wolf provides an accessible translation of Geoffrey Malaterra’s account of the Norman conquest of Muslim Sicily.
University of Michigan Press 2005 • 225 pages • $60

CDs: Sagehen Tracks

Johannes Brahms: Choral Works

This eight-CD set is the complete a capella choral works of Johannes Brahms, sung by the Chamber Choir of Europe. Ken Gould ’84 is bass soloist in the Liebeslieder CD.
Brilliant Classics 2004 • $49.98

Fiddling on the Yangtze

Folk and Classical Music from China & America
Roger Nelson ’69, piano/voice, and his wife, Karen Iglitzin, violin, created an eclectic mix of Western and Chinese music from their experiences in China.
Jack Straw Productions 1999 • $15

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