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Echo Lake Reflections: A Photographic and Historical Journey
Through stories and images from three generations, Peter Caldwell ’61 captures the beauty
and sentiment of Echo Lake in the High Sierras.
Taote Publishing, 2004 • 176 pages • $29.95

The Poisoned Weed: Plants Toxic to Skin

Donald G. Crosby ’50, founder of the Environmental Toxicology Department at UC Davis,
provides the first comprehensive book about “dermatoxic” plants.
Oxford University Press, 2004 • 288 pages • $59.95

Travels with Turtle: From Oregon to Nova Scotia and Return

Whether tracking moose in Maine or birds in Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge, Harriet
Denison ’65 lets whim guide her and her van, Turtle, on their two-month road trip.
Xlibris, 2003 • 187 pages • $20.99

Everything You Need to Know About Nursing Homes
Through a partially autobiographical account of caring for her mother, Charlotte Digregorio ’75 offers a consumer’s guide to the various facilities and services for assisted living.
Civetta Press, 2005 • 488 pages • $19.95

The Boys’ Crusade: The American Infantry in Northwestern Europe, 1944-1945
In his latest literary look at World War II, Paul Fussell ’45 shuns the sentimental lens
and recounts a young American infantryman’s experiences in Europe.
Modern Library, 2003 • 184 pages • $21.95

Raising Consumers: Children and the American Mass Market in the Early 20th Century
Lisa Jacobson ’84 argues that the American child consumer existed prior to the postwar
television age and examines the forces that produced this consumer culture.
Columbia University Press, 2004 • 320 pages • $35

The Jaguar of Paraguay
During the 18th century, the Jesuits attempted to establish an “ideal society” among the Indians of Paraguay. Jon H. Kunkel ’54 tells the fictional adventures of one of these Jesuits, Alfredo, whom the Guariní Indians call Jaguar.
Xlibris, 2004 • 323 pages • $22.99

The Red Letters: My Father’s Enchanted Period

Ved Mehta ’56 tells the cross-cultural story of his discovery of his father’s illicit affair in British India in the 11th and final installment in the Continents of Exile series.
Nation Books, 2004 • 190 pages • $22.95

Matters of Opinion: Talking about Public Issues

In this sociolinguistic study, Greg Meyers ’76 examines where public opinion on important
issues—as reported by the media—actually comes from.
Cambridge University Press, 2004 • 276 pages • $80

Hidden Impact
Charles B. Neff ’54 tells the story of Jim Nordberg’s return to Nicaragua, where he finds
a diary that survived an old plane crash. The diary reveals secret activities during the
Iran-Contra affair—secrets that people will kill to keep buried.
Book Surge Publishing, 2004 • 316 pages • $14.99

Poems in Transit, 1957-2004

Born in Depression-era New York City and raised in Hollywood, playwright Bob Potter ’56
uses narrative, poetry and photographs to look back at public events, travel, love, death,
riots, military life and childhood as a Hollywood brat.
Solstice Press, 2004 • 116 pages • $10

The Right Letter! How to Communicate Effectively in a Busy World
Noted writing authority Jan Venolia ’50 offers this guide to creating powerful, attractive
letters and e-mails in the most recent edition from her popular “Right!” series.
Ten Speed Press, 2004 • 176 pages • $12.95

Preventive Cardiology: A Practical Approach
Nathan Wong ’83, director of the Heart Disease Prevention Program at UC Irvine, is
editor-in-chief of the prime source of clinical information on the prevention of heart
McGraw-Hill, 2005 • 616 pages • $85

Albert Cohen: Dissonant Voices

Professor Jack I. Abecassis’s first English-language study of the misunderstood
French-Jewish writer Albert Cohen argues for a re-reading of such works as Belle du
The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2004 • 272 pages • $45

Logic, Meaning, and Conversation: Semantical Underdeterminacy, Implicature, and Their Interface
Professor Jay David Atlas examines the relationship between meaning and language use. Building on the works of Grice and Chomsky, he offers a theory of conversational
Oxford University Press, 2005 • 304 pages • $65

Prospero’s “True Preservers”: Peter Brook, Yukio Ninagawa, and Giorgio Strehler—
Twentieth-Century Directors Approach Shakespeare’s The Tempest

Assistant Professor Arthur Horowitz analyses productions of The Tempest and the diverse
applications of them on stage.
University of Delaware Press, 2004 • 217 pages • $47.50
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