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Sagehens with stars on the Walk of Fame
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Supporting roles

A timeline of Pomona's encounter's with Hollywood over the decades.

The Charm School

The first known film shot on the Pomona campus, this forgotten flick featured silent film star Wallace Reid. Much of it was shot around Pomona’s Sumner Hall.

One Minute to Play
This early film starred Harold “Red” Grange in this scene in Memorial Courtyard.

The Plastic Age
Starring Clara Bow and Donald Keith, this film featured a “sizzling” scene shot in the Greek Theatre, plus an unbilled extra named Clark Gable.

Fair Co-Ed
Also released in 1927, this film starred Marion Davies, who came to Claremont with her lover, tycoon William Randolph Hearst. The two weren’t allowed to share a room at the College-owned Claremont Inn, so they set up housekeeping at an Ontario hotel. Hearst, however, didn’t seem to take it too badly, donating $5,000 shortly thereafter to build the College’s first tennis courts.

Varsity Show
Possibly the first musical filmed on campus, this Busby Berkeley production starred Dick Powell and was nominated for an Oscar.

Billy the Kid
When Robert Taylor ’33, nicknamed the “Man with the Perfect Profile,” made this Western, it was already the movie idol’s 31st film and 25th starring role.

The Male Animal
In a film that opens and closes on Marston Quad, Henry Fonda plays a junior faculty member fighting for free speech.

Bob Hope
America’s favorite funny man played to a packed Holmes Hall during a national broadcast.

Saturday’s Hero
John Derek played a college football star, with Donna Reed as his girlfriend, as Pomona stood in for the fictitious Jackson University.

The Disney Touch
Roy Disney ’51 joined his uncle’s company, The Walt Disney Company, as an assistant film editor for nature films and stayed to become a champion of the family business and of such classic Disney works as Fantasia.

Art Clokey ’43 created happy-go-lucky Gumby, who got his debut on Howdy Doody and his own spin-off a year later.

The Absent-Minded Professor
This Disney comedy starring Fred MacMurray was shot on campus, including this scene in Renwick Gym with the basketball team’s shoes fitted with high-bouncing “flubber.”

Ride the High Country
Joel McCrea ’28, a long-time box-office attraction, starred in one of his last Westerns.

The Sting
David Ward ’67 won an Oscar for best story and screenplay for this acclaimed film.

Robert Towne ’56 won an Oscar for original screenplay for what is considered by many film critics to be one of the best movies of all time.

A Star is Born
Kris Kristofferson ’58 co-starred with Barbra Streisand in this famous remake.

Mass Appeal
Jack Lemmon, who plays a priest in the film, studies the script between takes on the Pomona campus.

Teen Wolf Too
This scene was filmed in front of Harwood Court. Michael J. Fox was not in the sequel; Jason Bateman plays his cousin in the role.

Over the Top
Also in 1987, Pomona stood in for a military academy in this Sylvester Stallone vehicle.

Academy Head
Ric Robertson ’78 became executive administrator of the Academy Awards.

Sleepless in Seattle
Linda Obst ’72 produced this hit romantic comedy starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

Liar Liar
Paul Guay ’79 conceived and co-wrote the film starring Jim Carrey.

West Wing
The NBC series filmed a Christmas episode at Bridges Auditorium.

Walk of Fame
Also in 2000, Richard Chamberlain ’56 gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Pearl Harbor
Marston Quad became the White House Rose Garden for a day during filming on campus.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding
A firm founded by Melissa Jo Peltier ’83 produced this film, which became the highest-grossing independent feature to date.

Lackawanna Blues
George Wolfe ’76 directed this HBO original film, produced by Halle Berry.
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