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Winter 2002
Volume 39, No. 2
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PCMOnline Editor
Sarah Dolinar


Riddle Me This

The following three riddles are reprinted from Fundrum My Conundrum (A Book of Riddles), by Ben Kovler ’00 and Ray Epstein. Published by Fundrum Publishing, the book of 100 puzzles, ranging from novice to deadly, is available through the Website, www.fundrum.com. (The number following each puzzle is the riddle’s number in the book.) Click here for the solutions.

1. A prisoner is told, “If you tell a lie we will hang you; if you tell the truth we will shoot you.” What statement can he make about the situation to save himself? (#5)

2. Eight BBs look alike but one is slightly heavier than the others. How can you identify the heavy BB in only two weighings on a balance scale? (#68)

3. Two mathematicians are walking down the street. The first says to the second, “I know you have three sons. What are their ages?” The second replies, “The product of their ages is 36.” The first says, “I can’t tell their ages from that.” The second says, “Well, the sum of their ages is the same as that address across the street.” The first says, “I still can’t tell.” The second says, “The oldest is visiting his grandfather today.” The first says, “Now I know their ages.” Do you? (#98)

We welcome puzzle submissions of all types and on all topics. If you’d like to submit a math, logic or word puzzle for the Alumni Puzzler, please send your query or submission to: Mark Wood, Pomona College Magazine, 550 North College Ave., Claremont, CA 91711 (mwood@pomona.edu). Selections will be made on the basis of quality and originality.