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Winter 2002
Volume 39, No. 2
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PCMOnline Editor
Sarah Dolinar


Bookmarks: Recent Publications


The Girls’ Book of Love
Catherine Dee ’86 offers another in her series of little books of wisdom for kids. Focusing on self-esteem, this lively collection offers preteen and teenage girls a practical but upbeat look at romance and love.
Little, Brown and Company, 2002 • 182 pages • $9.95.

Nerves of the Heart
Best known for her short stories exploring the complexities of love, infidelity and estrangement, Lucy Ferriss ’75 continues her examination of the mysteries of the human heart with this compelling family drama.
The University of Tennessee Press, 2002 • 320 pages • $27.50

The Art of Thank You
Crafting Notes of Gratitude

Connie Stoppel Leas ’58 explores the whys and how-tos of thank-you note writing, combining practical tips with funny and touching examples of notes from famous people.
Beyond Words Publishing, Inc., 2002 • 120 pages • $14.95

By the Sunset There’s a Door
Poetry, Prose and Essays Celebrating Nature and Humanity

Alan Lindgren ’86 offers a collection of 233 poems, eight prose pieces and 25 essays exploring a variety of topics in a range of styles, and even more than one language.
Sun Sings Publications, 2002 • 302 pages • $18.95

Restructuring World Politics
Transnational Social Movements, Networks and Norms

James V. Riker ’81 and co-editors Sunjeev Khagram and Kathryn Sikkink present texts by activists, policy makers and scholars on the transformation of international relations.
University of Minnesota Press, 2002 • 400 pages • $68.95, $24.95

Flash™ Studio Secrets
Cofounder of Smashing Ideas, Inc., Glenn Thomas ’92 draws on interviews with noted Flash artists and his own experience with one of the leading Flash content development firms to show flash users how to stretch the program to the limit.
Hungry Minds, Inc., 2001 • 330 pages • $49.99

From Yahweh to Yahoo!
The Religious Roots of the Secular Press

Doug Underwood ’70 delves into the largely unexamined parallels between religious and journalistic developments from the “media” of antiquity to the “idolatry” of the Internet.
University of Illinois Press, 2002 • 368 pages • $34.95

The Man Who Changed How Boys and Toys Were Made
Bruce Watson ’75 offers an entertaining look at the life of A.C. Gilbert, the athlete, magician, doctor, marketing genius, millionaire and boy at heart who invented the “Erector Set.”
Viking, 2002 • 224 pages • $24.95