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Pomona Cryptic #2
By Lynne Willems Zold '67
Print this page to work the puzzle.
Directions: Decode the clues and arrange them in order in the matrix to reveal vertically the puzzle's central theme.
For novices, each clue has two parts--a definition and a clue to the answer's literal composition. Here are a few examples of traditional types of clues. (Numbers indicate letters in the answer.)
1. Anagrams ­ All letters are given, but out of order, and a word such as 'wild' or "upset" is used to indicate what to do: Tree got mixed up in mess. Period. (8) = semester (tree and mess jumbled).
2. Charades ­ The answer is given in pieces: Tavern had a meal for native (6) = innate (tavern = inn; had a meal = ate).
3. Containers ­ Word inside another, marked by words like 'in' or 'holding': She keeps wrap warm (7) = sheathe (heat inside she).
4. Hidden answers ­ The answer is found in the clue itself: The phrase "don't hew ash trees" holds sexy meaning for older Pomonans (3, 4) = The Wash (don't hew ash trees).
5. Homophones ­ The answer sounds like another word or phrase, indicated by words like 'heard' or 'vocal': I've heard that you can take various pathways and nab award winning student (6, 7) = Rhodes Scholar (roads collar).
6. Deletions, additions, replacements ­ Word changed by altering letters: Our neighbor takes a deep hole and adds almost nothing. (6) = Pitzer (pit + zer(o)).
7. Letters indicated ­ Answer is spelled out in the clue: Some types of people die (4) = stop. (Some Types Of People)
Of course there's no way to include all the rules. Part of the fun is being devilish and obtuse and combining types of clues in clever ways.
1. Einstein first wants old money and then a tiny bit of knowledge will be passed on. (9)
2. In being able to read you are, symbolically, a collection of great books. (10)
3. President only likes young single chicks; I, briefly, found political meaning in first encounters. (4, 3)
4. Single hominid first contrived to give us our language. (7)
5. Initially a renaissance tradition. (3)
6. My! No roast? And they've all come together to see the stars. (9)
7. Sexual attraction? Elemental mix. (9)
8. In busses bounce off to work. (8)
9. Reoiling confused theology. (8)
10. Fortunetellers losing $100 regrouped in this field. (7)
11. Literally, Norman Bates had a diary and a club in this area. (10)
12. They should make us all speak out: a total of 1/2 planet externally disappeared and gauges are slightly off-kilter. (9)
13. Anger management controls a person like Hitler. (6)
14. The emus I caught were internally sound. (5)
15. Mother and those other people added top floors but took out time for precise calculations. (11)
16. The German said yes, dad had somehow seen these people. (8)
17. Principally, several older communities in our land obviously guaranteed you a field of human study. (9)
18. In summary, the bigot was beheaded on a stage usually. (7)
Vertical Clue: A requirement for all civilian students: stating emphatically your superior officer is less than a colonel. (9, 4, 5)
Click here for the solution.