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Picture this: A few of our favorite places ...

For a documentary class, Michael Bernstein ’08 set out to show fellow students in their favorite spots on campus. To accompany the photos, he asked each subject to write about why he or she had chosen that particular location—what made it that person’s “sanctuary.”
“My idea behind the project was to allow people to express themselves in terms of space,” says Bernstein. “By asking people to justify their selection, I sought to understand what about the space made it their favorite. Do they do something they love in the space? Is it a place of contemplation? Does it make them feel safe or happy?

“As the project progressed, I began to wonder whether the space that we label as our ‘favorite’ tells something more about us. Personally, I am fascinated by how people choose to represent themselves. I like thinking about the things people choose to wear, the way they choose to carry themselves. I believe self-representation is a means by which the subjective experience is expressed.”

My sunroom is my favorite place because it can be a place for me to get away from the world when I need to. I can close the doors and open the window and just take some time off for myself. I can study, read, call friends or family, take a nap—anything. In the daytime the sun pours through the window and warms the whole room. At night it’s cool and quiet (relatively). And it’s a great conversation starter.
Sarah Goldstein '08
West Linn, Oregon

I sleep a lot.
My bed is where I go for some time alone.
My feather bed is amazing.

Angela Chen '08
Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

The electronic music studio is my favorite place on campus because it’s where I come to be a musician. I’ve recently taken a big interest in electronic dance music, so being here allows me to try and compose music like I listen to; without access to the studio I imagine it would be pretty hard to do that. It’s a place I can just come and think about how to arrange a feeling into a composition. Plus, it’s always really quiet and I can lose myself.
Stephen Laux '08,
St. Louis, Missouri

My favorite spot is my room because I can meditate on God. Here is where I dive into the infinite.
Marco Moreno '07
Carlsbad, California

This room’s probably the most overstimulating room on campus. And I mean that in the best way possible. There are colored lights everywhere, little plastic animals glued to the wall, old In-n-Out containers littering the floor and tables, obscure Disney music blaring on the record player, and all sorts of interesting people lounging on one of the most comfortable couches to exist. So, it’s a fun room—I’m probably here more often than in my own room, whether talking to Andrew, other sponsor group members, or watching B-grade horror movies.
Maggie Murray '08
Chicago, Illinois

The gym is my sanctuary. No matter how I feel, whether I am having the best day of my life or about to have a nervous breakdown, every time I leave the gym I feel better than when I entered it. No matter what distractions or problems I have, for an hour a day I can turn off my phone and just focus on feeling good, which is something no other place can match. Thus, the gym, my sanctuary, is my favorite place.
Michael Stout '08
Ashland, Oregon
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