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R.S.V.P. Los Angeles: The Project Series at PomonaJune 15, 2015Press Release (PDF)
Guerrilla Girls: Art in ActionJanuary 12, 2015Press Release (PDF)
Project Series 50: Brenna YoungbloodOctober 27, 2014Press Release (PDF)
"Orozco in Focus" Press ReleaseOctober 27, 2014Press Release (PDF)
PAGES: Mirella Bentivoglio, Selected Works 1966 - 2012October 27, 2014Press Release (PDF)
Petrochemical America: Project RoomJuly 30, 2014Press Release (PDF)
Project Series 49: Sam FallsJuly 28, 2014Press Release (PDF)
Allied Against AIDS: Sue Coe's AIDS PortfolioJuly 24, 2014Press Release (PDF)
Pomona College Museum of Art Awarded $100,000 Getty Foundation GrantMay 07, 2014Press Release (PDF)
Project Series 48: Andrea Bowers: #sweetjaneNovember 22, 2013Press Release (PDF)
Mowry Baden: Dromedary MezzanineNovember 01, 2013Press Release (PDF)
Project Series 47: Krysten Cunningham: Ret, Scutch, HeckleAugust 30, 2013Press Release (PDF)
Project Series 46: Hirokazu Kosaka: On the Verandah Selected Works 1969-1974July 17, 2013Press Release (PDF)
David Michalek: Figure StudiesJuly 01, 2013Press Release (PDF)
John Divola: As Far As I Could GetJune 10, 2013Press Release (PDF)
Art in DialogueMarch 20, 2013Press Release (PDF)
Nuance of Sky: Edgar Heap of Birds Invites Spirit Objects to Join His Art PracticeNovember 27, 2012Press Release (PDF)
Project Series 45: Kirsten Everberg: In a Grove November 27, 2012Press Release (PDF)
Project Series 44: The Bureau of Experimental Speech and Holy ThesesOctober 03, 2012Press Release (PDF)
Charles Gaines Ensemble Performs at the Pomona College Museum of ArtSeptember 08, 2012Press Release (PDF)
John Cage: Zen Ox-Herding PicturesSeptember 04, 2012Press Release (PDF)
In the Shadow of Numbers: Charles Gaines Selected Works from 1975-2012July 06, 2012Press Release (PDF)
Pomona College Museum of Art Receives National Award of ExcellenceMay 17, 2012Press Release (PDF)
Part 3: At PomonaJanuary 10, 2012Press Release (PDF)
Performance at PomonaDecember 15, 2011Press Release (PDF)
Part 2: Helene Winer at PomonaAugust 01, 2011Press Release (PDF)
Part I: Hal Glicksman at PomonaJune 23, 2011Press Release (PDF)
It Happened at Pomona: Art at the Edge of Los Angeles 1969-1973 - A Walkthrough of the ExhibitionMarch 01, 2011Press Release (PDF)
It Happened at Pomona: Art at the Edge of Los Angeles 1969-1973March 01, 2011Press Release (PDF)
China: Insights - NEA Grant AwardJanuary 22, 2011Press Release (PDF)
China: Insights - ExhibitionJanuary 22, 2011Press Release (PDF)Images (ZIP)
Project Series 42: M.A. Peers - ExhibitionOctober 30, 2010Press Release (PDF)
Steve Roden: when words become forms - ExhibitionAugust 31, 2010Press Release (PDF)
Project Series 41: Ginny Bishton - ExhibitionJuly 15, 2010Press Release (PDF)Images (ZIP)
Helen Pashgian: Working in Light - ExhibitionJanuary 23, 2010Press Release (PDF)
Project Series 40: Amanda Ross-Ho - ExhibitionJanuary 07, 2010Press Release (PDF)
Famous for 15 - Photographs Donated by the Andy Warhol Foundation January 06, 2010Press Release (PDF)