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Diversity at Pomona College

Committee Year-End Reports

The following documents are secured via Pomona's Portal ( Upon logging in, click on the upper left Pomona College logo to get the home page of the portal. In the left navigation you will see a Diversity at Pomona College link.

The President’s Advisory Committee on Diversity at Pomona College brings together representatives from all of the relevant campus constituencies to study and address diversity on the campus. 

This committee is in charge of monitoring all aspects of institutional diversity pertaining to faculty, students, and staff. It reports directly to the President, who gives the committee its charge. That charge includes, at a minimum, providing the community with reports on the status of diversity and advising the President on strategies to enhance diversity at the College. 

It is composed of three faculty members, at least two of whom are associate or full professors, appointed by the Executive Committee for two-year terms; the Associate Dean of the College who serves as Diversity Officer; two staff members, appointed by the Staff Council; two students, appointed by the ASPC; an Associate Dean from Student Affairs; an Associate Dean or Director from Admissions; the Director of the Draper Center; the Director of Institutional Research; a Director or Associate Director of Alumni Relations; and the Assistant Vice President and Senior Director of Human Resources.


The President’s Advisory Committee on Diversity at Pomona College was initiated by President David Oxtoby in 2005. To learn more about the history and development of the Committee, read the following documents:

2013-2014 Members

  • David Brunk, Associate Dean of Admissions
  • Elena Amalia Cardenas, student (Economics, ’16)
  • Taziwa Chanaiwa, Associate Director, Alumni Relations Sichen Hernandez-Martinez, student - SPRING (Psychology, ’15)
  • Sharon Hou, Faculty
  • Gwen Lytle, Faculty (committee chair) Karin T. Mak, Assistant Director, Asian American Resource Center
  • Ana-Lia Marinelli, Administrative Assistant to PACD
  • Daren Mooko, Associate Dean, Student Affairs Jennifer Rachford, Director, Institutional Research
  • Alexander Rodriguez, Faculty
  • Brenda Rushforth, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources 
  • Maria Tucker, Associate Dean, Student Affairs; Director, Draper Center for Community Partnerships 
  • Bhavin Rishi Harsh Sangani, student - FALL (Economics, ’15)
  • Nicholas Sunback, student (International Relations, ’14)
  • Nicole Weekes, Associate Dean (Diversity Officer)

Contact the committee at