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Diversity at Pomona College

Lighting the Path to 2025: A Vision for Diversity

A strategic planning initiative for diversity is underway at Pomona. Read more about this initiative, review and comment on a working draft of the plan, and look for updates from the President's Advisory Committee on Diversity (PACD)


At Pomona College, diversity is both a defining institutional value and an essential component of our educational mission.  It includes a long list of complex, intersecting identities on campus that challenge the College to be creative, resilient and ever thoughtful in its work. 

Specifically, diversity enriches difficult dialogues around identity and belonging that form the foundation of healthy communities and democracies; facilitates cutting-edge scholarship as knowledge emerges from all angles of human perspective and thought; and pushes pedagogical innovation as faculty, students, staff and others in our community develop new ways of engaging and learning from one another.  In short, diversity is at the core of our excellence at Pomona College.

Trustees Statement on Diversity (2005) [pdf]