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Diversity at Pomona College

The President’s Advisory Committee on Diversity at Pomona College brings together representatives from all of the relevant campus constituencies to study and address the matter of diversity on the campus. The committee has been charged by the president to “monitor all aspects of institutional diversity pertaining to faculty, students and staff." At a minimum, that means "providing the community with reports on the status of diversity and advising the President on strategies to enhance diversity on the campus”  (Faculty Handbook, p.18).

2012-2013 Members

  • Taziwa Chanaiwa, Assoc. Director, Alumni Relations
  • Alex Rodriguez, Faculty
  • Adolfo Rumbos, Faculty (Committee Chair)
  • Nicole Weekes, Assoc. Dean of the College (Diversity Officer)
  • Gwendolyn Lytle, Faculty
  • Tamina Mencin, Assoc. Dean, Admissions
  • Daren Mooko, Assoc. Dean, Student Affairs
  • Jennifer Rachford, Director, Institutional Research
  • Brenda Rushforth, Asst Vice President, Human Resources
  • Maria Tucker, Director, Draper Center for Community Partnerships
  • Darrell Edward Jones III, Student
  • Karin Mak, Staff, AARC
  • Alexis Takahashi, Student

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