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Diversity Resources


Dean's Office
Academic support, including information on recruiting new faculty and travel grants.

Recruiting a Diverse Faculty
Resources for recruiting female and minority candidates


Staff Council

The Pomona College Staff Council is a group of staff members who work to enhance the role of staff with the College community through meetings, communications, and events designed to foster both a voice and staff identity amongst all staff members.


Draper Center for Community Partnerships
Partnerships with local schools, programs for high school students...

Office of Institutional Research
The Office of Institutional Research conducts research to support planning and decision making processes at the College.

Alumni Office
The mission of the Pomona College Alumni Association is to enrich and perpetuate the bonds between the College and those who have passed through her gates for their mutual support, growth, and benefit.

Consistent with its mission, the Pomona College Alumni Association aspires to:

  1. Support active, engaging, and relevant programming and networks at the regional community, faculty, and student level;
  2. Cultivate excitement for Pomona College and its traditions;
  3. Engage and connect with alumni who reflect the diversity of the College; and
  4. Identify and cultivate future Pomona College Alumni Association leaders.