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President's Charge to the Committee

I am writing to announce the formation of a new, College-wide Committee: the President's Advisory Committee on Diversity. The importance of such a Committee is evident from the central role of diversity in the educational experience of the College and our commitment to enhancing this diversity in the future.

My charge to this Committee is twofold. First, I ask that they review and monitor (in quantitative terms) the diversity of the faculty, staff, and student body and the changes in each on a year-to-year basis. Second, they should propose new approaches to increasing diversity in all areas and ways of strengthening the sense of community on campus for all groups. They may approach these goals by assembling data from our campus and from other campuses, by sponsoring discussions, public events, or workshops, and by inviting individuals to their meetings. Each year, they may choose one or more particular topics to investigate in depth. I anticipate that the Committee would plan to meet with me on at least an annual basis, as well as with the Vice Presidents, but that its work would be independent of our direction and, when necessary, critical of our procedures. At the end of each year, the Committee would prepare a report for me and distribute it to the full College community.

The Committee will have the following composition:

  1. Three tenured members of the faculty, appointed by the Executive Committee of the Faculty for two-year terms (renewable)
  2. Two staff members, appointed by the Staff Council for two-year terms (renewable)
  3. Two students, appointed by the Associated Students of Pomona College for one-year terms (renewable)
  4. The Associate Dean (Diversity Officer) of the College
  5. The Director of Human Resources
  6. An Associate Dean or Director from Student Affairs, appointed by the Vice President and Dean of Students
  7. An Associate Dean or Director from Admissions, appointed by the Vice President and Dean of Admissions
  8. A Director or Associate Director of Alumni Relations, appointed by the Vice President for Advancement
  9. The Director of Institutional Research

The Committee will be chaired by one of the faculty members, with the selection made by the Executive Committee of the Faculty. I am asking each constituency to make its initial selections for this Committee in the course of this semester, so the Committee will be in place and ready to start work by the beginning of Fall Semester, 2005.

The present proposal owes a strong debt to several different campus groups in its formulation and structure. Over the last several years, the Irvine Diversity Steering Committee has shown how a unified look at questions of diversity across the College community can help in planning new initiatives. I have benefited from their observations, as well as from the thoughts of the Affirmative Action Committee of the Faculty, the leadership of the Staff Council, the Associated Students of Pomona College, and the Trustee Policy Review Committee on Diversity. I welcome the support of the entire campus community as we move forward with this important initiative.