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Pomona College Gates

The College Gates -- and the messages inscribed upon them -- are an important part of Pomona College and the lives of its students and alumni.

After more than 120 years, the students, faculty and staff of Pomona have created their fair share of lore and traditions. While some traditions--like dining halls segregated by gender--are now history, Pomona still celebrates many kinds of "Pomoniana." Familiarize yourself with our traditions here.

The Borg

The Oldenborg Center for Modern Languages and International Relations—an international center and residence hall better known on campus as "the Borg"—helps assimilate students into various aspects of international life on campus.

Football Rivalries

Pomona's football program goes back more than 100 years, which is plenty of time to develop some serious rivalries. The rivalry with Occidental College began in 1895, making it the oldest on the West Coast.

The Gates

When the gates were first built in 1914 on either side of College Avenue, just south of Sixth Street, they marked the northern boundary of the College.


Mufti—a name that literally means “out of uniform” or “undressed”—has been a long-standing tradition on the Pomona campus.

The Mystery of 47

In 1964, a student project to determine whether the number 47 appeared more often in nature than other random numbers turned into a wholesale 47 hunt that has continued to this day.

Pomona's Name

The goddess Pomona appears in a relief sculpture above a portal in Pomona College’s Smith Campus Center, holding a basket overflowing with fruit. (In fact, in a humorous detail, one bronze orange has fallen out of her basket and is visible on the floor below.)


Where can you go to eat your breakfast cereal beneath a priceless work of art?

The Roosevelt Oak

More than a century ago, President Theodore Roosevelt helped plant a small tree on the Pomona College campus that came to be known as the Roosevelt Oak, a tree that would live for the next 70 years in front of Pearsons Hall on the Pomona campus.

Sagehen Evolution

How the plucky Sagehen became Pomona's mascot.

Ski Beach Day

Only in Southern California would a tradition like Ski-Beach Day be possible. But then, that's the whole point.


Few forces on this planet are as powerful as the hunger college students feel while studying late at night. So Pomona’s most prized perk just might be the free food students get four nights a week.

The Star Trek Connection

Why does the number "47" pop up on so many modern Star Trek series? And what's up with the Borg?

Walker Wall

For more than 30 years, students have shared messages that range from the trivial and personal to the political and universal on Walker Wall.