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College Gates

Pomona College Gates

When the gates were first built in 1914 on either side of College Avenue, just south of Sixth Street, they marked the northern boundary of the College. Since that time, the campus has expanded significantly to the north, so that several academic buildings and many of Pomona's most beloved residential structures--including Frary Dining Hall and all of the Clark residence halls-- now reside "outside" the College gates.

So rather than demarcating the physical boundary of the College, their legacy instead lies in the advice chiseled into the inside and outside of the westernmost gate. The beloved quotes, from Pomona's fourth president, James Blaisdell, are aimed at arriving and departing students. To arriving students, the gates offer this welcome: "Let only the eager, thoughtful, and reverent enter here." To departing graduates, they offer an exhortation: "They only are loyal to this college who, departing, bear their added riches in trust for mankind."