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Marston Quad

Marston Quad at Pomona College

Whether the spot for a casual game of Frisbee or a nap beneath the trees, Marston Quadrangle--known to students as “The Quad” is Pomona’s central green space. Developed in 1923, this beautiful, 4.75-acre lawn and formal garden contains 101 trees, ranging from sycamores to redwoods. Its award-winning landscaping is largely responsible for Pomona’s reputation as “a college in a garden.”

The Quad was part of architect Myron Hunt’s ambitious campus plan developed in 1908, much of which laid the foundation for the appearance of Pomona College today. Hunt, a pioneer of the Spanish Mission Revival style that you see throughout Pomona, imagined a central green space flanked by a library (Carnegie, which now houses our politics, economics and international relations departments) to the west and a never-realized large administration building to the east. (Big Bridges was instead built there 1931.) Buildings would be arranged on the north and south sides and the Quad would be crossed by axes and vistas.

Today you can see that vision realized—stand on the steps of Little Bridges to gaze across at the Smith Campus Center courtyard or view Carnegie from the plaza in front of Big Bridges.

The construction of the Quad also necessitated the move of Sumner Hall, the College’s first building and current home of Admissions. Originally a hotel, Sumner was given to the College in 1889 and it stood on College Avenue, but was dismantled and reassembled in its current location on the corner of 4th and College Way to make room for Marston Quad.