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The Department of Asian Languages and Literatures

Students majoring in Asian Languages and Literatures develop advanced language skills and are introduced to the literary and cultural traditions of China and Japan, from early times to the present day. The emphasis is on oral proficiency as well as literacy in either Chinese or Japanese. Upper-division classes develop analytical skills through the critical study of literary texts.

To foster as awareness and understanding of Asian cultures, departmental courses are often interdisciplinary in approach, introducing historical background, social, philosophical and political issues. Students also are encouraged to broaden their knowledge of China and Japan by taking courses in other disciplines in the Asian Studies program.

Many participants study for a semester or more in China and Japan; opportunities currently include programs in Nanjing and Taipei, Kyoto and Tokyo. On campus, students have access to a multimedia center with state-of-the-art audio, computer and video equipment and a growing film library.