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Department Faculty

David Becker David Becker, Associate Professor

Plant physiology, growth, and development; structure and function of photosynthetic membranes; plant responses to environmental stresses
Seaver South 213
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Andre Cavalacanti André Cavalcanti, Associate Professor

Genomics, computational biology, molecular phylogeny
Seaver Biology 37
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Cris Cheney Cris Cheney, Associate Professor

Developmental genetics; vesicular transport and mRNA localization in Drosophila oogenesis and embryogenesis
Seaver Biology 121
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EJ Crane EJ Crane, Associate Professor

Biochemistry; Hydrothermal Vent Organisms; Hyperthermophiles; Sulfur respiration; Astrobiology; Extreme Environments; Deep Sea Microbiology
Seaver Biology 021
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Fran Hanzawa Frances Hanzawa, Associate Professor

Evolution and ecology, especially of plants; population genetic and demographic consequences of seed dispersal; plant-animal interactions
Seaver Biology 113
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Laura Hoopes Laura Hoopes, Professor

Molecular biology of aging; DNA repair as a possible age protection mechanism
Seaver Biology 21
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avatar Fabien Jammes, Assistant Professor

Seaver Biology 237
Karl Johnson Karl Johnson, Associate Professor

Developmental neurobiology; molecular biology of axon guidance and synapse formation, roles of extracellular matrix proteoglycans in central nervous system development.
Seaver Biology 212
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avatar Kris Kaiser, Visiting Assistant Professor

Seaver Biology 234
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Nina Karnovsky Nina Karnovsky, Associate Professor and Chair

Ecology, oceanography; the impact of climate change on polar marine foodwebs
Seaver Biology 122
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woodrat nationarctic research
Rachel Levin Rachel Levin, Associate Professor

Behavioral ecology and behavioral endocrinology; evolution of communication signals and mating systems; origin of sex differences in behavior
Seaver Biology 139
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Daniel Martinez Daniel Martínez, Professor

Evolution of aging; phylogeny and biogeography of hydra; volcanic thermophylic communities
Seaver Biology 114
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Wallace Meyer Wallace Meyer, Assistant Professor and Director of the Bernard Field Station

Ecology & Conservation Biology, Preservation and Restoration of Coastal Sage Scrub Ecosystems
Bernard Field Station Office, 909.398.1751
Seaver South 109, 909.607.9284
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Jon Moore Jonathan Moore, Assistant Professor and Laboratory Coordinator

The evolutionary origins of adaptive immunity.
Seaver South 128
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Tina Negritto Tina Negritto, Director of Molecular Biology

The study of genome maintenance mechanisms in particular DNA recombination between short homologous sequences and how it can affect genome instability
Seaver Biology 221
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Sara Olson Sara Olson, Assistant Professor

The study of eggshell assembly in nematodes
Seaver Biology 022
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avatar Melissa Petreaca, Visiting Assistant Professor

Seaver Biology 236
avatar Ruben Petreaca, Visiting Assistant Professor

Seaver South 108
Len Seligman Lenny Seligman, Professor

Microbial molecular genetics; structure and function of protein/DNA interactions
Seaver Biology 222
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Sharon Stranford Sharon Stranford, Professor

Immunology, Cell Biology, Infectious Disease, Acquired Immune Deficiency, Public Health
Seaver Biology 12
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Bruce Telzer Bruce Telzer, Professor (Retired)

Cell biology; mechanisms of mitosis and intracellular motility; biochemistry of microtubules and molecular motors

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Jonathan Wright Jonathan Wright, Professor

Comparative physiology and ecology of invertebrates, particularly crustaceans; evolutionary physiology of terrestrial colonization
Seaver Biology 11
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