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Nina Karnovsky

Associate Professor of Biology

Contact Information

R. C. Seaver Biology Building,
Room 122
175 W Sixth Street
Claremont, CA 91711
Karnovsky Lab Research Blog
Woodrat Research Project Website
Arctic Research Blog


Ph.D. University of California, Irvine
M.S. Montana State University
B.A. Wesleyan University

Professional Experience

Assistant Professor of Biology, Pomona College


Biology 41E: Ecological & Evolutionary Biology
Biology 132: Vertebrate Biology
Biology 112: Advanced Animal Ecology

Research Interests

I am interested in how animal populations, behaviors and distributions are influenced by variability in their environment. The questions that I am interested in now are:

  1. How are High Arctic seabirds influenced by climate change? [Arctic Research Blog]
  2. How do plant communities influence the distribution of two species of woodrats living at the Bernard Field Station? [Woodrat Nation]
  3. How do Grunion (fish that spawn on California beaches) respond to varying physical conditions and human activity on the beaches?

Selected Publications

Karnovsky, N., D. Ainley, and P. Lee. 2007. The impact and importance of production in polynyas to top-trophic predators: three case histories. In: Smith, W., and D. Barber, eds., Polynyas: Windows to the World's Oceans, Elsevier, Amsterdam.

Karnovsky, N.J., S. Kwasniewski, J.M. Weslawski, W. Walkusz, and A. Beszczynska-Möller. 2003. Foraging behavior of little auks in a heterogeneous environment. Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser. 253: 289-303. [abstract]