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Pomona Grad leads new US Digital Service

Record Breaking 25 Computer Science Seniors Graduating This Year

May 5, 2014

This was another record breaking year in the CS department with 25 seniors graduating with CS degrees from Pomona this year.  The explosion in enrollments continues unabated.  We are expecting 33 majors in the classes of 2015 and 2016.  Reacting to these numbers as well as the exploding interest in our introductory courses, CS will have six CS faculty in 2014-2015, and will be recruiting more faculty for the following academic year.

Mikey Dickerson '01 on the Cover of Time Magazine for Work on

May 5, 2014Mikey Dickerson '01 on the Cover of Time Magazine for Work on

Pomona grad and former CS department system manager Mikey Dickerson '01 was one of the key people who fixed the obamacare web site after the initial implosion.  He is cited by name in many of the articles about the fix and ended up on the cover of the March 10 issues of Time magazine (he is the 3rd person from the right).  More information and links are available from the Pomona College news site at

Mikey Dickerson '01 settles is at the White House

August 25, 2013Mikey Dickerson '01 settles is at the White House

Pomona graduate (and former Pomona CS Department systems administrator) Mikey Dickerson is back in the news with his recent appointment as head of the U.S. Digital Service with the charge of reforming IT in the government. This article from the August issue of Wired talks about his new appointment. What is most amusing is the video on Mikey attached to the article. Made by the White House, it seems to spend most of its time trying to convince potential employees that they don't have to wear suits (though he is shown at one point wearing a suit in a meeting with the President). He has compromised his values a bit though. He has gone from wearing t-shirts to work to instead wearing wrinkled shirts with collars. I think we can forgive him for that!