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Faculty and Staff

Tahir R. S. Andrabi, Professor of Economics

Tahir Andrabi analyzes the education of young women in Pakistan, the economics of international borrowing and the export performance of developing nations; and is doing joint work with professor Kuehlwein on the effects of railways on market integration and famines in British India.

Peter Bergevin, Lecturer in Economics

Peter Bergevin specializes in managerial accounting and financial analysis; and the role of accounting information in decision making.

Rhonda R. Berón, Academic Coordinator

Eleanor P. Brown, James Irvine Professor of Economics

Eleanor Brown ’75, is a specialist in the areas of charitable giving, volunteer labor, and the nonprofit sector.

John Clithero, Assistant Professor of Economics

John's research employs both behavioral and fMRI experiments - is primarily concerned with understanding the cognitive and neural mechanisms of individual decision making.

Cecilia Conrad, Emerita Professor of Economics

Bo Cutter, Associate Professor of Economics

Bowman Cutter’s research spans a range of environmental topics, including: market-based environmental regulation, the political economy of environmental policy, groundwater valuation, water quality issues, and land use.

Pierangelo De Pace, Assistant Professor of Economics

Pierangelo De Pace’s research deals in empirical macroeconomics and finance. He focuses on issues relating to business cycle synchronization, the leading properties of the term structure of interest rates for real economic activity, the dynamic behavior of nominal interest rates and interest rate spreads, and the statistical and cyclical characteristics of disaggregated international capital flows.

Manisha Goel, Assistant Professor of Economics

Manisha Goel’s research interests lie in International Economics, Labor Economics, and Development Economics. Her research spans three broad themes – labor market effects of offshoring, resource allocation and innovation in developing countries, and entrepreneurship.

Jill Harris, Lecturer in Economics

Jill teaches Economics of Sport and Economics of Crime. Her sport research includes the cartel behavior of the NCAA, bias and decision making in the WNBA, and "hot hand" effects. She is also working on risk attitudes and criminal behavior of professional athletes as well as the impact of bodyworn cameras in community policing.

John Jurewitz, Lecturer in Economics

John Jurewitz studies environmental and natural resource economics and specializes in energy economics and policy.

Michael Kuehlwein, George E. and Nancy O. Moss Professor of Economics

Michael Kuehlwein focuses on theories of income tax overwithholding and is doing joint work with Professor Andrabi on the effects of railways on market integration and famines in British India.

James Lehman, Visiting Professor of Economics

James Lehman specializes in international trade and finance, trade and development policy, money and banking, and public finance.  His research interests also include international trade policy and trade relations, trade sanctions, and trade and aid.

James D. Likens, Emeritus Professor of Economics

Fernando Lozano, Associate Professor of Economics

Fernando Lozano is an applied labor economist who primarily focuses on immigration.

Stephen V. Marks, Professor of Economics

Stephen Marks serves as an adviser to the U.S. State Department and to the Indonesian Ministry of Trade on international trade policy and his research includes quantifying the effects of trade and other policies throughout the Indonesian economy.

Neva Novarro, Visiting Professor of Economics

Hans C. Palmer, Emeritus Professor of Economics

Gary N. Smith, Fletcher Jones Professor of Economics

Gary Smith’s research generally has either a finance or statistical angle, though he has also looked at the socioeconomic mobility of the daughters of immigrant mothers and used the gravity model to evaluate the site value of tribal casinos.

Michael Steinberger, Chair, Associate Professor of Economics

Michael Steinberger uses state of the art econometric methods to analyze wage differentials between different groups: men vs. women, college educated vs. high school graduate, and straight vs. gay and lesbian.

Frank C. Wykoff, Emeritus Professor of Economics

Xan Vongsathorn, Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics

Michelle Zemel, Assistant Professor of Economics

Michelle Zemel specializes in finance, with a focus on banking.  Her research aims to extract information impounded in capital markets to inform the study of financial institutions and their role in the economy.