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Department of English - Faculty

Fall 2014 Faculty Office Hours

Dettmar, Kevin Crookshank 103
  Crookshank 101  
Jeon, Joseph Crookshank 206 TBA
Kirk, Jordan Crookshank 201 TBA
Kunin, Aaron Crookshank 213 TBA
Lethem, Jonathan Crookshank 205 TBA
  Crookshank 209 TBA
Raff, Sarah Crookshank 202 TBA
Rankine, Claudia Crookshank 208 TBA
Reed, Arden Crookshank 108 TBA
Regaignon, Dara Crookshank 205 TBA
Rosenfeld, Colleen Crookshank 204 TBA
Thomas, Valorie Crookshank 211 TBA
Tompkins, Kyla Crookshank 104 TBA  

Kevin J. H. Dettmar, W.M. Keck Professor of English and Department Chair
Expertise: James Joyce; modernist literature & culture; rock & roll; modern British literature; modern Irish literature; popular culture; cultural studies

Joseph Jonghyun Jeon, Associate Professor of English
Expertise: Asian/American literature & visual culture; 20th-century American literature; American Modernism

Jordan Kirk, Assistant Professor of English
Expertise: Middle English Literature (1100-1500); Medieval philosophy, theology, and theory of language; Continental philosophy

Aaron Kunin, Associate Professor of English
Expertise: Milton; English literature 1500-1800; poetics

Jonathan Lethem, Roy Edward Disney Professor in Creative Writing
Expertise: Creative Writing

Paul Mann, Professor of English
Expertise: Poetry; William Blake; The Holocaust; Literary criticism; Creative writing; Philosophy; Poststructuralism

Sarah Raff, Associate Professor of English
Expertise: Eighteenth-Century Literature; Psychoanalytic and Gender Theory; History and Theory of the Novel

Claudia Rankine, Henry G. Lee Professor of English
Expertise: Creative Writing; Poetry

Arden Reed, Arthur M. Dole and Fanny M. Dole Professor of English
Expertise: Modernism; Image/Text Relations; Contemporary Art; English Romantic Literature; 19th-Century French Culture

Dara Regaignon, Director of College Writing and Associate Professor of English
Expertise: Victorian Literature and Culture; Children’s Literature; Composition; Writing in the Disciplines; Pedagogy; Genre Theory

Colleen Rosenfeld, Assistant Professor of English
Expertise: Shakespeare; Early Modern Poetry and Poetics

Valorie Thomas, Associate Professor of English and Africana Studies
Expertise: African Diaspora film/literature; language, race, and social justice; Black feminist writers including Toni Morrison; Screenwriting.

Kyla Tompkins, Associate Professor of English and Gender and Women’s Studies
Expertise: Cultural Theory; American Studies; Food Studies; Nineteenth-Century U.S. Literature; Race and Gender in the Nineteenth-Century; Feminist Theory; Gender Theory; Race and Gender in the Nineteenth Century

Emeriti Faculty

Martha E. Andresen, Professor of English
Toni Clark, Associate Professor of English
Edward W. Copeland, Professor of English
Robert Mezey, Poet in Residence and Professor of English
Thomas C. Pinney, Professor of English
Steven C. Young, Professor of English