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Dara Regaignon

Dara Regaignon

Director of College Writing and Associate Professor of English

Education: B.A., Amherst College; M.A. and Ph.D., Brandeis University

Expertise: Victorian Literature and Culture; Children’s Literature; Composition; Writing in the Disciplines; Pedagogy; Genre Theory

With Pomona Since: 2005

Office: Crookshank Hall 205

Campus Phone: (909) 607-2209

Email: Dara Regaignon

Research Interests

I pursue two strands of research in lines that intersect in ways both surprising and serendipitous. While my current book project (Writing Maternity: Mothers and Doctors in an Anxious Age) pursues questions of how literary and cultural texts from the nineteenth century still shape the ways we understand and experience motherhood, my articles typically focus on pressing pedagogical and programmatic concerns.

Recent Courses

  • ID 1 Critical Inquiry Seminar: Fairy Tales
  • ID 1 Critical Inquiry Seminar: Home, Nation, Empire
  • ID 27 Elements of Argument
  • ENGL 191 Senior Thesis Seminar
  • ENGL 87 Writing: Theories, Processes, Pedagogies

Selected Publications

  • “Traction: Transferring Analysis Across the Curriculum” Pedagogy, 9.1 (winter, 2009)
  • “Toxic Maternity in The Daisy Chain: Infant-Doping at Mid-Century.” Other Mothers: Beyond the Maternal Ideal. Ed. Claudia Klaver and Ellen Rosenman. Ohio State University Press, 2008. 125-144.
  • “Pemberley vs. the Purple Jar: Prudence, Pleasure, and Narrative Strategy.” Women’s Writing 11.3 (2004): 439-61
  • “Intimacy’s Empire: Children, Servants, and Missionaries in Mary Martha Sherwood’s ‘Little Henry and His Beare.” Children’s Literature Association Quarterly 26.2 (2001): 84-95
  • “Instructive Sufficiency: Re-Reading the Governess through Agnes Grey.” Victorian Literature and Culture 29.1:85-108, 2001