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Faculty and Staff


Angelina Chin
Associate Professor
Mason 114, (909) 607-5742  
Modern china, labor, gender, sexualities, and colonialism.

Pey-Yi Chu
Assistant Professor
Mason 127, (909) 607-0421

Modern Europe, Russian, Environmental History

Gary Kates
Professor of History
Mason 128
(909) 621-8269 
French Revolution, Modern European Intellectual

*On sabbatical Spring 2014

Arash Khazeni
Assistant Professor of History
Mason Hall 124, (909) 621-8990
History of the Middle East and North Africa:Environmental History

*On sabbatical Fall 2013 and Spring 2014

Sidney Lemelle
Professor of History 
Mason 122, (909) 607-3414 
Modern Africa

April Mayes
Associate Professor of History
Mason 126, (909) 607-2919 

Victor Silverman
Professor of History , Mason Hall 118, (909) 607-3395 
Modern United States, Labor, Sustainable Development, Cold War, Sexual/Gender Minorities

Tomás Summers Sandoval
Associate Professor of History and Chicano/a/Latino/a Studies
Mason 125, (909) 607-2916 
Chicana/Chicano Studies, Chicano/Latino Histories, California History, Twentieth- Century Social Movements, Popular Culture

Miguel Tinker Salas
Arango Professor in Latin American History and Professor of History and Chicano/a /Latino/a Studies
Mason 119, (909) 607-2920
Latin American History, Venezuela, Mexico, Oil, Politics, and Culture, Latin American Immigration and the Diaspora

*On sabbatical Fall 2012 thru Spring 2014

Helena M. Wall
Warren Finney Day Professor of History
Mason 117, (909) 607-3907
Early American History, American Social History, Early Modern European Social History

Kenneth B. Wolf
John Sutton Miner Professor of History
Pearsons Hall 008 (909) 607 -3420
  Medieval Mediterranean, Medieval Spain, Christian Views of Islam, Saints and the Idea of Sanctity

Samuel Yamashita
Henry E. Sheffield Professor of History
Mason 115, (909) 607-2924 (NO VOICE MAIL) 
Asia, Confucianism, Japan, Intellectual History, The Pacific War


Gina Brown-Pettay
Academic Coordinator
Mason 121-A

(909) 607-3075