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Senior Thesis Talks

The Mathematics Department's senior thesis presentations in the Spring of 2014 will be from 1:00 pm to 2:45 pm Friday afternoons in Seaver Commons 102 according to the schedule below. We ask all participants to arrive by 1:00 pm so that the ?first talk can begin promptly at 1:05 pm. Each talk is 20 minutes and this includes 2 minutes for questions and answers. Given our tight schedule, the time limit on talks will be strictly enforced, and, we ask speakers to arrive by 12:30 pm to make sure that their talk is uploaded and ready to go before the seminar begins. The two exceptions to this schedule are Feb. 21 when we will meet at noon (lunch will be served at 11:30) with talks beginning at 12:05 and finishing up by 1:45 to accommodate Econ majors.  The second exception is Thursday, March 13 when we will meet from 4:00-5:45 then go to Prof. Hardin's house for dinner and ∋ making. Any two willing students can switch their spots and they can do so by informing Kathy Sheldon in person and in a timely fashion. Two important dates to remember are February 19, 2014 (complete draft of the Thesis due), and April 4, 2014 (the final copy of the Thesis due).

Feel free to invite friends and family to join us for your senior presentation. We ask the audience not to use or turn on laptops, tablets, phones, or other distracting electronic equipment during the presentations.

Xian Carrie Wu - The Polynomial Approach to the Combinatorics of Finite Fields (Supervisor: Shahriari)
Michael Maltese - Bayesian Methods in Election Forecasting (Supervisor: Chandler)
Luis Garcia - The Fourier Transform and the Uncertainty Principle (Supervisor: Garcia)
Durrell O'Neal - Causality and Statistics (Supervisor: Fryer)
Will Mitchell - Musical Geometries (Supervisor: Levitt)
Alice Zhuo-Yu Chan - Generalized Kloosterman Sums (Supervisor: Garcia)
Utsav Kotari - Theory of Kazdhan Lusztig polynomials Equations (Supervisor: Karaali )
Rina Sadun - Game Theory and the Binding of Isaac: Modeling Motivations in the Hebrew Bible (Supervisor: Karaali)
Renata Gerecke - The Metric Space of Trees (Supervisor: Levitt)
Kai Orans - Revisiting Euclidean Geometry: A Study on Algebra and its Application to Straight Edge and Compass Constructions (Supervisor: Sarkis)
Thalia Rodriguez - Teaching statistics by using simulations: Is it really effective? (Supervisor: Hardin)
Brendan Schneiderman - Iterative Methods of Combinatorial Optimization (Supervisor: Shahriari)
Johnny Huynh - Principal Component Analysis (Supervisor: Chandler)
Maricela Cruz - Multivariate Distance Matrices in High- Dimensional Data Analysis (Supervisor: Hardin)
Amy Shoemaker - tba (Supervisor: Garcia)
Harris Levin - Applications of Brownian Motion and Stochastic Differential Equations (Supervisor: Rumbos)
Brian Hentschel - Value Sets of Polynomials over Finite Fields (Supervisor:Sarkis
Ian Brown - tba (Supervisor: Pecharich)
Songhao Mei - Notes on the S-Frobeinus Number generalized (Supervisor: Fukshansky)
Aparna Sarkar - Compressed Sensing and Human Vision in the Brain (Supervisor: Needell)
Zachary Glassman - Universal Spaces of Metrics and General Relativity (Supervisor: Aksoy)
Shiwei Zhang - Crowd sourcing the world: How Google Data Help Understand Global Economy (Supervisor: Mark Huber)
Gabriella Heller - Topological Complexity in Proteins (Supervisor: Flapan)
Eva Byrne - tba (Supervisor: Shahriari)
Alana Shine - Evolutionary Graph Theory (Supervisor: Fryer)
Kyle Roskamp - Understanding and Applying Graph Rank- ing to Gene Ontologies (Supervisor: Shtylla)
Roger Sheu - How to Reduce the Rank of Incidence Ma- trices of Hypergraphs (and application to the MMS Conjecture) (Supervisor: Sarkis )
Daria Drozdova - The Fredholm Alternative for Two-Point Boundary Value Problems (Supervisor: Rumbos)
Samantha Hill - Shock Gi-raphs: Object Recognition Using Shock Graphs (Supervisor: Sarkis)
Brian Williamson - Shrinkage Estimators for Canonical Covariance Matrices (Supervisor: Hardin)
Stephen Ragain - Implementations and Applications of Bernoulli Factories (Supervisor: Huber)
Zachary Siegel - Data Manipulation Using Manifold Learning (Supervisor: Needel)
Erick Deras - Game Theory Applied to Games: On How Checkers is More Complex Than It Appears (Supervisor: Fryer)
Armand Gray - Erds-Ko-Rado Theorem: d-clusters in Lattices (Supervisor: Shahriari)
Lingge Li - Brower Degree and Semi-Linear Equations in R^n (Supervisor: Rumbos)
David Morgens - Noisy Clocks: Stochastic Modeling of Cir-cadian Rhythmss (Supervisor: Shtylla)
Jonah Breslau - Nilpotence and Quasinilpotence in Banach Algebras (Supervisor: Grabiner)
Gillian Grindstaff - Surface Knots and Involutory Quandles (Supervisor: Nelson)
Jacob Morris-Knower - The Algebra of Elliptic Curves (Supervisor: Towse)
Emily Meyer - Modeling Diffusion in Morphogen Gradients (Supervisor: Shtylla)
Kevin Guttenplan - Mathematical Modeling of Axon Guidance at the Drosophila melanogaster Midline (Supervisor: Shtylla)
Gabrielle Badie - Proof Formalization: Reflection and Advancement (Supervisor: Karaali)
Spencer Johnson - Intrinsic 2-component linking in complete graphs (Supervisor: Flapan)
Luke Sedney - Self-Organizing Maps (Supervisor: Chandler)