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Senior Thesis Talks

The Mathematics Department's senior thesis presentations in the Spring of 2015 will be from 1:00 pm to 2:45 pm Friday afternoons in Seaver Commons 102 according to the schedule below. We ask all participants to arrive by 1:00 pm so that the first talk can begin promptly at 1:05 pm. Each talk is 20 minutes and this includes 2 minutes for questions and answers. Given our tight schedule, the time limit on talks will be strictly enforced, and, we ask speakers to arrive by 12:30 pm to make sure that their talk is uploaded and ready to go before the seminar begins. The two exceptions to this schedule are Feb. 20 when we will meet at noon (lunch will be served at 11:30 am) with talks beginning at 12:05 pm and finishing up by 1:45 pm to accommodate Econ majors.  The second exception is Thursday, March 12 when we meet on Thursday (at 4:15pm) instead of Friday (the day before, the day before Spring break). Any two willing students can switch their spots and they can do so by informing Kathy Sheldon in person and in a timely fashion. Two important dates to remember are February 18, 2015 (complete draft of the Thesis due), and April 3, 2015 (the final copy of the Thesis due). These are to be put in your Math 191 Sakai dropbox.

Feel free to invite friends and family to join us for your senior presentation. We ask the audience not to use or turn on laptops, tablets, phones, or other distracting electronic equipment during the presentations.

Samuel Young - Homotopy Type Theory
(Supervisor: de Silva)
Sallie Walecka - A Mathematical Model for Pattern Formation in IDPN-treated Axons
(Supervisor: Shtylla
Geordie Marriner - Financial Applications of Stochastic Differential Equations (Supervisor: Rumbos)
Sheridan Grant - Efficient Sampling Over Graphs with the Randomness Recycler (Supervisor: Mark Huber)
Kirkwood Alexander Cloud - Simulating Vervaat Perpetuities
(Supervisor: Mark Huber)
Benjamin Everett - Enhancements of the Ribbon Biquandle Invariant for Knotted Surfaces
(Supervisor: Sam Nelson)
Susannah Shoemaker - Derivation of Fučík Curves for Periodic Boundary Value Problems
(Supervisor: Rumbos)
Katrina Jacobs - An Investigation of Cops and Robber
(Supervisor: Shahriari)
Connor Sutton - An Exploration of Integer Partitions
(Supervisor: de Silva)
Rebecca Baiman - Investigation of Error Rates in Box Plot-based Inference
(Supervisor: Hardin)
Samantha Stewart - Optic Giloma through the Lens of Cluster Analysis
(Supervisor: Radunskaya)
Kevin Lu - Curse of Dimensionality and Audio Data
(Supervisor: Chandler)
William de Rose - Sampling from High Dimensional Distributions: A Gradient Based Approach
(Supervisor: Chandler)
Christopher Garnatz - Bootstrapping for Big Data
(Supervisor: Hardin)
Alexander Ma - Graph Theory and the Probabilistic Method (Supervisor: de Silva)
Daniel Thompson - Intrinsic Linking in Complete Graphs (Supervisor: Flapan)
Mary Kamataki - Applications of Degree Theory to Boundary Value Problems (Supervisor: Rumbos)
Caroline Zaia - Value Added Modeling in Teacher Assessment
(Supervisor: Hardin)

Michael Someck - Error-Correcting Codes
(Supervisor: Shahriari)
Alexander Kellogg - How Humans Play Games:  A Comparison of a New Equilibrium Concept using Experimental Data
(Supervisor: Fryer)
Tianrong "Sally" Zhang - Riemann Zeta Function
(Supervisor: Garcia)
Kimberley Africa - 2+2≠4: Challenging Mathematical Realities and Access in Education (Supervisor: Karaali)
Rob Knickerbocker - Optimizing Reliability of Power Distribution Networks
(Supervisor: Shtylla)
Julien Breistroff - Complex Dynamics, Fractals, and Sonification
(Supervisor: Radunskaya)
Xiang "Carol" Xiang - Modeling Women's Income Dynamics (Supervisor: Radunskaya)
Woo Hyung Lee - Predicting Irrational Outcomes in Game Theory
(Supervisor: Fryer)
Catherine Dugan - What is the purpose of a math education?  A Case Study on the Commor Core State Standards in Mathematics  (Supervisor: Darryl Yong)
Uriel Guadarrama - The Firefighter Problem
(Supervisor: Shahriari)
Kenneth Rabin - A Probabilistic Analysis of Casino Blackjack and Card Counting Strategies (Supervisor: Shtylla)
Natalie Dennis - Evaluating Stochastic Processes and the Ito Integral
(Supervisor: Rumbos)
William Curatolo - Regularity of Graphs
(Supervisor: Shahriari)
Timothy Kaye - Mondrian Forests
(Supervisor: Chandler)
Dillon Dong - The Strange Properties of Tiling Problems (and their Applications to Statistical Physics)
(Supervisor: de Silva)
Alexander Cole - Supermanifolds (Supervisor: Karaali)
Jacob Fiksel - A Comparative Analysis of RNA-sea and Microarray Data (Supervisor: Hardin)
Bryan Brown - Factoring 2 X 2 Inner Functions (Supervisor: Garcia)
Jedrik Chao - Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination Models (Supervisor: Radunskaya)
Yiting Ji - Topological Optimization of Reliability Volatility in Power Distribution Network (Supervisor: Sarkis)
Jennifer Stewart - Creativity and Failure in Gifted Mathematics Education (Supervisor: Karaali)
Thalia Spinrad - Finding Unstable Smooth, Symmetric Selection Dynamics
(Supervisor: Fryer)
Kyle McAndrews - A Post Recession Analysis of Value at Risk
(Supervisor: Chandler)
Tianyu Gu - Super Characters and Fourier Transform
(Supervisor: Garcia)
Hannah Wayment-Steele - A Stochastic Differential Equations Model for Microtubule Dynamics in Early C. elegans Development
(Supervisor: Shtylla)
Eric Pasewark - Computing Nash Equilibria
(Supervisor: Fryer)
Mathieu de Langis - Some Supercharacter Theories on (ℤ/nℤ)d
(Supervisor: Garcia)
Emmanuel Mendez - Fermat's Last Theorem
(Supervisor: Karaali)