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Thomas Connelly

Thomas Connelly

Lecturer in Media Studies


BFA in Film, C.W. Post, Long Island University
MA in English, The University of Vermont
Ph.D. in Cultural Studies (Concentration in Film and Media Studies), Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, California

Research and Production

My research interests include the intersection of technology and culture, film and Lacanian psychoanalysis, sound studies, and subculture.  Currently, I am finishing a project that explores the impact of digital media on the production and consumption of the moving-image entitled, “Technologies of Contingency.”  I am also researching the effects of confined spaces and chamber plays in cinema as a future project.

In addition to my scholarly work, I am an active writer, musician and filmmaker.  I grew up in New York’s Hudson Valley and played drums and guitar in several hardcore and thrash bands in the early 1990s.  My short film, “No Deposit, No Return,” has screened at a number of film festivals.  Most recently, I self-published my first novel entitled, The Postcard.  Currently, I am finishing a new novel tentatively called, Dressed to Kill.


“Big Window, Big Other: Enjoyment and Spectatorship in Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope,” forthcoming in Quarterly Review of Film and Video, forthcoming.

“Meaning and Transcendence: Roland Barthes’ The Pleasure of the Text,” video forthcoming in Audiovisual Thinking: The Journal of Academic Videos.

“Exploring Mumblecore: Warner vs. Zizek,”  (co-authored with Henry Krips), forthcoming in Université de Montréal’s film studies journal, Cinémas.

Current Courses

Introduction to Digital Media Studies (Fall 2013)

Introduction to Film (Spring 2014)