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Faculty and Staff

Eleanor Brown
James Irvine Professor of Economics
Expertise: Charitable giving and volunteer labor, the not-for-profit sector
Office: Carnegie 216
Campus Phone: (909) 607-2810

Lorn Foster
Charles and Henrietta Johnson Detoy Professor of American Government and Professor of Politics
Expertise: Campaigns and Elections; Civil Rights; Race and Power; Public Policy; Urban Politics; American National Government; the Voting Rights Act
Office: Carnegie 1
Campus Phone: (909) 607-2263

Michael Green
Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Coordinator of the Philosophy, Politics and Economics Program
Expertise: political philosophy, particularly human rights and the
philosophy of Thomas Hobbes.
Office: Pearsons 207
Campus Phone: (909) 607-0906

Susan McWilliams
Assistant Professor of Politics
Expertise: History of Political Thought; American Political Thought; Ethics and Public Policy; Politics and the Family; Politics and Literature
Office: Carnegie 8
Campus Phone: (909) 607-0873

Department Coordinators

Philosophy -Ann Davis
Economics - Eleanor Brown
Politics - Lorn Foster


Vicki Hirales
Academic Department Coordinator
Office: Pearsons 208A
Campus Phone: (909) 607-2921