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Program Events



Prospectus (with cover sheet)


Your prospectus is supposed to show that your idea for a thesis is both worthy and feasible. It should explain the following: what your research topic is; how it spans your field of concentration and at least one other PPE field; why it is important; how you will tackle it; what conclusions you might reach (or on what specific questions you might reach conclusions).  It should include a bibliography that displays familiarity with the scholarship and methodological tools relevant to your topic. This should be annotated to explain the relevance of each entry to the project. A prospectus is typically between three and five pages long, exclusive of the bibliography.



You must find two readers for your thesis, one in your field of concentration and one from another PPE field. Your approach in the thesis must incorporate aspects of both disciplines to the satisfaction of the readers. Occasionally, there is a good academic reason for the second reader to come from a different department; such exceptional arrangements should be discussed and approved by the PPE program coordinator. Your readers sign a cover sheet signifying that they have agreed to read the thesis and have been apprised of the deadlines. The prospectus and cover sheet must be turned in to both readers, and to Vicki Hirales, the philosophy department administrator, (Pearsons 208A) by 4:00. It is late unless both readers and Vicki receive their copies by this deadline.

 Due by 4pm. Sept 26 (fall), Feb 6 (spring)

First Draft


This deadline is for a complete draft of the thesis. We take this seriously. The point of spending this much time on a project is to make serious revision possible. Readers will try to offer comments within two weeks. This should leave you with about two weeks for revision. If you do not hear from your readers, contact them and, if necessary, the PPE coordinator. Timely feedback is the faculty member’s responsibility, but the end product is yours, and taking some initiative may help to make the thesis as good as it can be. The first draft must be turned in to both readers, and to Ms. Hirales. It is late unless both readers and Ms. Hirales receive it by the deadline.

 Due by 4pm, Nov. 7 (fall), March 26 (spring)

Final Draft


The copy turned in to Ms. Hirales must be bound as it will be stored in the library; you choose whether to bind the copies for your readers.


Readers confer and generally reach consensus on a recommended thesis grade. If no consensus is reached, an average of the two grades is proposed by the two readers. The PPE coordinator, however, has the prerogative (e.g. in cases in which deadlines have been flouted) to make adjustments (even radical adjustments) in the final grade.


Due by 4pm, Dec 2 (fall), April 23 (spring)