The Public Policy Analysis major consists of a five-course policy sequence, a statistics/mathematics requirement, a three-class internship and thesis sequence, and a concentration chosen by the student.

  1. Five-course public policy sequence
  • Economics 51, 52
  • Politics 3 or PPA 1, 135 and
  • One of the following science and public policy courses: Politics 136, HMC Soc Sci 124, ID 187 or PI Pol St 133 or 184
  1. Statistics:
  • Economics 103, Politics 90, Psychology 158, or a course approved by the PPA program coordinator.
  1. Core courses in History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
  • Two of the following:
    • STS 80, STS 81, STS 82; and
    • Phil 103
  1. Four courses in Mathematics (30 or above), science, and/or engineering (including experimental and physiological psychology, excluding the statistics requirement above):
  • One semester of a laboratory science; and
  • Three courses in one field that count toward a major in that field, or that are prerequisites to courses that count toward a major in that field.

   5.   Three-course internship-thesis sequence (PPA 190, 191, 195)

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