On Saturday, September 26, 2009, ordinary citizens in 38 countries spent the day discussing climate change issues that will be on the agenda of the UN Climate Change summit in Copenhagen in December 2009 as part of the project World Wide Views on Global Warming. This is the first global citizen policy consultation in history. Rick Worthington, Professor of Politics and Chair of Pomona's Program in Public Policy analysis, coordinated the participation of 5 U.S. sites and supervised the deliberations in Hahn 101 at Pomona, and many students, faculty and community members participated in the program. President David Oxtoby gave an opening welcome and overview of climate change issues from the perspective of a chemist with a strong interest in environmental issues. 

See our policy brief [pdf]  and press releases on the results of these deliberations. More information on World Wide Views, including a complete database of votes and recommendations from all participating sites in the world, is available at www.wwviews.org

Press Releases

Press Release, October 22, 2009 [pdf]

Media Alert, November 19, 2009 [pdf]

Danish Board of Technology Release WWViews Global Policy Report [pdf]