Mariah Valerie Barber, Sociology, interned with Public Counsel
Benjamin Alexander Bleiberg, Politics interned in Washington D.C. 
Anita Kaimei Chiang,Biology, interned with Claremont Unified School District, Danbury Elementary School
Amanda Suzanne Coba, Sociology, interned with Neighborhood Legal Services

Jasmine Joi Ferguson, Sociology, interned with Bright Prospect
Deborah Akua Frempong, Politics, interned with Bright Prospect
Emily Rose Rothschild Glass, Politics, interned with MALDEF  
Marie Elise Helmy, Politics, interned with Public Counsel
David Carl Janovsky, Politics, interned with Stratecon, Inc.
Jared Simon Kalow, Anthropology, interned with Community Partners 
Rachel Sakamaki Keyser, Politics, interned with Jack Mills, Educational Consultant 
Liga Krievans (Scripps), Environmental Analysis, interned with Stratecon, Inc.
Alana Kathryn Olson Murphy, Politics, interned in Washington, D.C. 
Sara Owen (Scripps), Politics, interned in Washington, D.C.
Patrick Antoni Pelegri-O'Day, Economics
Bryan Xuan Phan, Politics, interned with Uncommon Good 
Sydney Colleen Rupe, Politics, interned with Children's Defense Fund, Juvenillle Policy 
Marieh Scales, Politics, interned with Starting Over, Inc.
Cole Robert Story, Biology, interned with AIDS Project Los Angeles, Community Based Research
Megan Miyoko Tokunaga, Environmental Analysis, interned with the West Riverside Council of Governments
Jacqueline B. Tran, Chemistry, will intern with Foothill AIDS Project, Housing for Persons Living with AIDS
Katherine Anne Valentine, Sociology, interned with Children's Defense Fund, Educational Policy