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Mercedes Teixido

Associate Professor of Art, Drawing/Installation Art

A visual artist, Mercedes Teixido works in the area of abstract watercolor drawings, improvisational drawing, letter writing and site-specific works. She performs with her writing machine modeled after Thomas Jefferson’s polygraph, a device that allowed him to write letters in duplicate. This fall she will be performing at the Emerge Arts Fair in Washington, DC and at the Black Mountain College Conference in Asheville, North Carolina. She will also speak at Amherst College at a conference on Improvisation in the liberal arts where her interest in bringing experimental art practices to Pomona students in her courses will be discussed.


Research Interests

Contemporary Drawing, Installation and site specific projects.

Recent Courses

ART 199 PO Directed Problems in Studio Art
ART 005 PO Drawing I
ART 105 PO Drawing II
ART 199 PO Independent Study in Art
ART 128 PO Installation: Art and Context
ART 192 PO Senior Seminar/Project in Art
ART 198 PO Summer Study Directed Problems