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Michael O'Malley

Associate Professor of Art, Sculpture

Michael was born in South Bend Indiana, and grew up in Northern California. He went to high-school in Colorado and received a B.A. in English from the University of Notre Dame.  After extensive travels, and a B.F.A  from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, he did his M.F.A at Stanford University. While there, he focused on large-scale installations that altered perceptual and social situations of the body.  After graduate school, his work has focused on engaging the aesthetics and conventions that shape the built environment.   In his latest work, ideas about social practice, community and sustainable art practice have become his focus. He is currently growing wheat and building a mobile bakery that he will take on the road for workshops and performances. He lives and work in Los Angeles and the Catskills of New York.


Research Interests

 Through strategies of play, pleasure and interaction, my work focuses on the shifting dimensions of the built environment, kinesthetic experience and social relations. I build sculptures and installations that frame the body in a particular way. In so doing viewers become implicated in the psychological contradictions of detachment and intimacy, power and futility, comfort and control.

Recent Courses

  • Art 27 Wood Sculpture
  • ID 001 PO Critical Inquiry Seminar
  • ART 199 PO Directed Problems in Studio Art
  • ART 025 PO Sculpture I
  • ART 29 Metal Casting
  • ART 126 Sculpture II-Casting: One & Many
  • ART 126A PO Sculpture II:Fabrication & Body
  • ART 192 PO Senior Seminar/Project in Art