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Campus Resources

Department Learning Objectives


The learning goals adopted by various departments, sections of departments, and interdisciplinary programs at Pomona College are available as works in progress.

Office of Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research conducts a number of surveys that together constitute a rich source of information for assessing the student experience at Pomona College. Surveys include CIRP Freshman Survey, Enrolled Students Survey, PULSE (Perceptions of Undergraduate Life and Student Experience), the Senior Survey, and the Alumni Survey.

Teaching and Learning Center

Providing resources ranging from grants to Writing Fellows and engaging faculty in critical reflection and discussion, the Teaching and Learning Committee promotes teaching on campus.

The Writing Center

The College Writing program offers resources to help faculty and students create vibrant communities of readers and writers across campus.

General Education Requirements

Our graduates are expected to graduate with an understanding of and appreciation for the areas of study included in our General Education Requirements.

Academic Dean