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Pomona College's Department of Art and Art History guides its majors as they create works of art and interpret visual imagery critically and historically.

I. Learning Objectives to Be Assessed in Studio Art:
1. Majors will create a fully-realized and contextualized body of work for exhibition as the capstone of their BA degree careers.

2. Each major will articulate through a written statement an understanding of their practice of art within the larger field of art.

3. Majors will graduate with an awareness of contemporary art and its theory.

4. Majors will gain an understanding of the professional practices employed by contemporary artists.

II. The Curriculum for the Art Major
The artists who teach at Pomona College work closely with students to help them expand their creative and conceptual awareness and develop their own visual and technical abilities. Majors in studio art participate in a seminar during the fall of both their junior and senior years in which they:

1. create a body of work of their own choosing and interest
2. read widely, examine other art works closely, and discuss theory pertinent to contemporary artistic practice
3. talk with visiting artists who show their work, speak about their careers, and contextualize their practice
4. write artists' statements
5. document and publicize their work.

Majors exhibit their work publicly during their junior and senior years. Senior art majors participate in a professionally mounted show at the Pomona College museum in early May and learn to work with a museum staff to create an exhibition of their work.

III. Assessment Measures to Be Adopted
Direct Measures

    The studio faculty, plus one other artist from outside the department, review and critique each group senior show. Together they gather specific content from each student's performance-from the artist's statement and from his or her exhibition-indicating the graduating seniors' attainment of the departmental learning objectives 1 through 4 as stated above. Each student will be graded on each learning objective using a twelve-point system (where A = 12, B+ =11, and so forth).

    Statistics compiled in this fashion will be archived and compared year-by-year to reveal trends and provide guidance for teaching improvements or adjustments.

Indirect Measures

    Alumni Surveys: The studio faculty will survey graduating seniors each year to determine their perceptions regarding their preparedness for a career or further education in the field of art or architecture and track responses year-by-year.
    Competitive Activity: The studio faculty have long kept in close touch with past studio art majors. They will continue to record year-by-year students' success in showing their work, in receiving public recognition for it (e.g., in published reviews), and in receiving fellowships for graduate study in art, architecture, and related fields. The faculty expects-and hopes this survey will document-that liberally educated students with a major in studio art history go on to achieve success in many different fields as well as in art making.

Academic Dean